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The Rules For UK Passports

If you’re planning to apply for a brand-new UK passport, or to renew the current one, then you’ve probably been informed of the new passport photo requirements as a result of Biometric passports being introduced. These passports are now popular across the globe since they help stop identity theft and also fraud. What’s the significance of biometric identification and what kind of changes will it bring?

Biometric information is a feature that is that are unique to one person such as facial features, iris, or fingerprints. All passports issued to citizens of the UK is required to include biometric information of the person who holds it. The information is collected by analyzing facial features, and then translating the measurements into numbers that are stored on the chip. The information to be measured including the distance between the eyes mouth, nose, as well as ears are extracted from the picture you provide. So, the photo must be in accordance with guidelines for passport photos. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll get rid of delays and issues when making applications for passports.

What size is an UK Passport Photo

It’s commonplace for authorities deny passport applications. One of the primary reason is that the photos are not properly made. When you submit your application, you’ll need pay an amount. In order to ensure the passport photograph is in line with all requirements and is correctly sized make sure you follow these British passport size guidelines:

Size of image should be 35×45 millimeters which means it is 3.5 centimeters wide, and 4.5 cm tall. Any photo booth located in the UK will provide you with photographs of this size.
The photo should include your entire head as well as the shoulder’s top. The top of your head to your chin must be 29-34 millimeters.

Other rules for the UK Passport Photo

There are additional British photos for passports that you must adhere to. If you don’t want your passport application be denied, you must pay particular attention to the size and quality of your photographs as well as the face and background hairstyle, spectacles and haircut.

Format and Number

You must submit 2 identical photos if you want to apply for a brand new passport with an application form on paper. If you apply online you’ll need an image of your digital camera in JPEG as well as PNG format. The photos must have been taken in the last month, and must accurately reflect your present appearance. There are no borders, creases, writing, tears or other markings are allowed on photographs printed.


Choose a simple cream or light grey background. Other shades aren’t accepted. In addition, you should be aware that there shouldn’t be other people as well as any pattern or object within the background. To prevent shadows from behind your head, control the lighting using natural light sourceslike or face a window or put the ceiling light or electric bulb in the right place.


According to UK government’s requirements for passport photos the face must be clear, in focus and sharp. Look forward with a neutral face and your mouth shut. Don’t smile, and don’t smile, and don’t tuck your brows in order to keep your face from being distorted. Eyes with red eyes are not permitted. Avoid using too much makeup and remove huge head jewelry. Hair should not cover any area of the face. If you’re wearing full-length hair, wrap it around your head. Covering your head is only permitted for religious reasons and medical purposes.

The requirements to passports for babies pictures in the UK aren’t that difficult. Children younger than 5 aren’t required to stare at the camera, but they must have a an unassuming facial expressions. Children aged 1 and below are not required to keep their eyes open and their mouths closed.


If you wear glasses and are unable to take them off for a passport photograph Do not wear them over the face in any way. Your eyes should be evident, which is the reason glasses that are heavy should not be worn. Beware of flash reflections or glares on your glasses. Sunglasses that have tints are not allowed on UK passport photographs.

The requirements for Digital Passport Photo

Online applications to apply for your UK passport is very popular with people who apply for visas nowadays. There is no need to go to the post office, and the cost is less, and the process of submitting documents online is essentially time-saving as well as money-saving. The requirements for digital passports are similar to those for prints. Other than the basic requirements for the background face, face, and posing the passport photo online UK must meet:

At minimum 600 pixels wide by at least 750 pixels high
At minimum 50 KB and at maximum 10 MB
Clear and sharp
Untouched by software for editing photos.

How to Make Your own passport photo at home

For a passport that is verified photograph in the UK it is not necessary to visit a studio or even a booth. Today you can do it at home. If you choose to create an image of your passport at home, you can try Passport Photo Maker – it’s one of the top tools that can help you create correct passport photos.

Making an DIY passport photo, spend time choosing the ideal photo. The key steps include cropping and printing the image. Passport Photo Maker software comes with a smart cropper that is biometrics feature recognition module. It will immediately crop your photos according to the most recent government guidelines. Simply upload your image and select the UK passport template, then click Crop. Then, you can modify to alter the color of your background, improve the quality of your photo and create an image layout.

The British passport photo has to be printed according to a professional standard. If you don’t have a high-quality printer at home, the most effective solution is to design the layout of the print in the program, then take it to an online print shop. If you are using an online program you can set the format and size of the digital image, and save the image. When working with this editor for ID photos, you’ll learn tips and tricks to ensure that your pictures are in compliance with rules of the passport office.