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The Importance of PAT Testing

Portable Appliances Testing, also known as PAT is the name used to test electrical appliances to ensure the safety of them for use.

PAT testing can be beneficial in decreasing the risk of a device catching fire or electrocuting a user and should be performed by professionals, like Central Scot PAT, so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice in saving lives’.

Making sure that your electronic devices and gadgets that are portable regularly checked is an ideal practice since like all other devices the devices require regular maintenance. A few of the major benefits of having PAT tests are listed below to help you understand.

Reduces the risk of electrical Accidents

Each every year there’s around 8000 electrical fires that occur in the UK alone, which result with more than 30 deaths and a multitude of injuries.

In time the performance of electrical appliances begins to decline. Any issue with the appliance or plug itself could result in the appliance burning and causing the building to catch fire that is an tragic situation.

Physical and visual examination of all electrical devices every year helps to identify any faults and malfunctions within the devices. A defective electrical device in a portable could also trigger an electrical shockthat can result in the loss of a life which is a serious thing to take lightly.

Helps You Meet Safety Regulations

The Health and Safety at Work Act and The Electricity At Work Regulations each set standards specific to every business must adhere to.

An annual checkup of all electrical equipment that are in the building is not just a sign that you are concerned about your employees, but can also portray a positive image of your business , demonstrating that those who run it are accountable and know the importance of observing the safety rules for work.

This extends the lifespan of the Appliances

Electrical appliances aren’t cheap to purchase, and if appliances are out of regular supply and you are spending a an enormous amount of money the replacement of them.

Do yourself and your company an absolute favor and employ skilled individuals with the appropriate equipment to conduct regular PAT tests of all electrical devices and to identify and fix all electrical problems.

Helps You Get Insurance

The Electricity At Work Regulations, Management of Health and Safety Regulations and Health and Safety at Work Act are just a number of UK safety laws which all insurance companies demand you to follow.

If you’re doing not take PAT testing very seriously and the electrical equipment at your business aren’t checked as frequently or thorough, your insurance company may declare your contract null and void and deny any claim. Let’s face it.

This is not what any business owner would like to see. If but able to comply to the electrical and safety rules, you’ll be in a an advantage.

Aids Your Business

Actually, it is! If you invest into the routine inspection and upkeep of every electrical portable devices within your premises You are saving yourself lots of time and money over the long run.

If broken wires or other issues are discovered promptly and repaired the problem will not be halted abruptly when you’re in the middle of something crucial. It won’t be necessary to fumble around looking for the right person to fix the issue since both time and cash are both valuable.

PAT is beneficial on numerous different levels. It’s an easy enhancement to your company, and increases security by reducing the chance of electrical shocks, fires and other potentially dangerous circumstances, and also allowing your company as more favorable by insurance businesses.