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Why the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar Might Be the Worst So Far

It is a fact that the FIFA World Cup is a huge global occasion that everybody seems to be interested in. But, each edition of the tournament were marred by controversy. But 2022’s FIFA World Cup hosted in Qatar is the most sloppy thus far, frequently referred to as the FIFA’s biggest blunder. Although we hope that the tournament will result in some spectacular games, it’s going to be difficult to completely erase the events that has led to it. Here are the top 10 reasons this World Cup may be among the most disappointing.

10. Russia and Israel

Qatar isn’t keen on recognition of Israel

Qatar has a highly tense relationship with Israel in the sense that they have no idea about it. Although a handful of Israeli athletes have played in Qatar but no Israeli national teams ever participated. It means that even if Israel could qualify for this World Cup, that would be a major problem. Although Qatar affirms they are welcomed, Israeli players wouldn’t be in the same place as the rest of us. For the hosts, it was a blessing. The Blue and Whites came only third in their group, and did not get to the finals.

Russia was the other nation which was facing challenges, but Qatar did not have anything to contribute to it. In 2019, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned Russia from participating in all major events even though they’re permitted to participate in qualification events. In reality, if Russia did manage to make it to in the last four, FIFA may block their participating by inciting WADA. Another option is Russia’s participation under an entirely different name, with no an anthem or flag. The embargo will expire on the 16th of December 2022. That’s just two days prior to the 2022 FIFA World Cup final! But, following the terrorist assault in Ukraine, FIFA suspended Russians which eliminated them from the process.

9. Qatar is too small to be the host of this year’s FIFA World Cup

Look at how small Qatar is!

It was in 1954 that Switzerland was the host of the 1954 FIFA World Cup in 1954, making it the only nation of its size to host the event. But, Qatar takes that title because it’s about the same size as Hawaii and Utah’s population! In theory, this offers some advantages as each of the venues is close to each other. Thus, fans and teams will not have to travel as much and all could be in the same place. But it is true that FIFA acknowledges that Qatar could be too small to manage this kind of competition. Thus, the FIFA World Cup schedule was difficult to create.

Unlike Switzerland. where 16 teams played the equivalent of 26 matches, Qatar must care for 32 teams in the 64 FIFA World Cup matches! This is just the beginning. They have to accommodate nearly 100.000 certified people as well as numerous football enthusiasts. The tiny country will be crowded with tourists who might be struggling to find accommodation or even travel to matches.

8. Qatar isn’t a place that deserves to play

Qatar has not shown any signs of improvement even when it was up against opponents who were weaker than Serbia

In 1934, Italy was the first and one and only FIFA World Cup host who was previously not been able to participate in the tournament. But, it was two years ago that they hosted the World Cup, and Italy was among the top teams, as demonstrated by winning the tournament. However, despite being close to being able to qualify for the tournament numerous instances, Qatar never did it. Although they’ve had some regional success over the past few years however, they’re not among the top performers in Asia. To prove this one need only examine their performance in their 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying.

In order to better prepare for the tournament Qatar played friendly games against all teams of to UEFA Group A. Their performance was disastrous with eight matches, they only took one victory in a match against the tiny Luxembourg (1-0). But, in the two games against Serbia and Portugal they scored one goal and conceded 14 goals! It is certain that they will be among the most weak teams at this World Cup, and even playing at home will not alter the fact that they are. There must be a policy to ensure that only a country already eligible for World Cup could host one!

7. Only eight stadiums

These stadiums are stunning however, there’s a lot of them.

When Qatar stated that it would construct 12 venues for this year’s World Cup, in 2013 they sought to cut this number to just 8 or 9! It was a huge mistake, because FIFA even contemplated inviting other countries to host the tournament. However, the expense of building so many stadiums is not acceptable particularly with the investment in roads, and even a brand new city. The total amount is Qatar will invest more than 200 billion dollars for the tournament.

As FIFA reached an agreement that the event will be held in just eight arenas, because the majority of them are close to one another. This could cause more infrastructural problems, possibly making the tournament one of the most difficult events. Fans won’t have a lot of other choice than to wait and arrive at the game early enough to be there in time. This year’s FIFA World Cup is the largest global sporting event, however it may appear to be tiny in Qatar.

6. Qatar was able to end the crisis relatively unaffected

In 2017 Qatar has been accused of supporting state-sponsored terrorist acts in the eyes of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. These nations effectively imposed sanctions against Qatar as well as additional Asian as well as African nations. Many even requested FIFA to end their rights to host the World Cup hosting, including Yemen, UAE, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt. Additionally, Germany joined them and even contemplated pulling out of the tournament. However, Qatar denied such allegations and claimed that they are a strong supporter of their country’s participation in the War on Terror.

However, in 2021 , the dispute was resolved and the borders between countries involved in dispute were finally opened. It will require many years and cash to ensure that Qatar increases its standing. This could be another reason why people aren’t keen to visit Qatar for it’s FIFA World Cup. However, we do hope that the agreement will continue for decades after the tournament is over.

5. It was the Shortest World Cup of the Millennium

There are too many games every day and it can impact the quality of football.

It is a fact that the FIFA World Cup comes only every four years, and we want it to be as lengthy as is possible. But 2022’s World Cup Qatar will be the shortest tournament of the last century! In addition, it will be the most compact tournament since 1982, where only 24 teams were involved. It will be a total of 64 matches will have to be lined in just 28 days, which means FIFA World Cup 2022 teams will be able to take fewer days off to take a break. When the tournament is over the players are likely to be tired or injured.

In addition the tournament will feature four games played during the group stage each day, meaning only a few people will have the time of 12 hours to watch each one. It’s ironic that this is likely to impact Qatar because everybody will miss their matches. As we’ve said, they’re perhaps the weakest team of the tournament which is why no one would be interested in watching them unless their team of choice is playing. If you are wondering what’s going on then the answer is in the fourth spot on our list of.

4. It was the First Winter FIFA World Cup

Nobody is thrilled with the fact that this World Cup will come at 2022’s end.

In 2022, the FIFA World Cup starts in the latter part of autumn, and will conclude shortly before winter begins for the northern part of the hemisphere. People who are in favor of this choice claim that temperatures in Qatar could reach 50 degrees in the summertime. The hosts however, promised they’d fix this problem by introducing air conditioning, but then admitted they could not achieve it. They essentially cheated FIFA and forced them to accept their request to host the tournament in 2022. However, this could come with many consequences that will hurt all parties.

As we have already said it will create an extremely tight schedule that will affect players since it is the World Cup comes in the middle of the season for clubs. In addition, the event could clash with holidays as well as during the NFL playoffs, and a lot of Americans will not pay attention to the event. FIFA is already experiencing problems with broadcasters and sponsors, and is probably eager to see this World Cup to end. We’re pretty certain that FIFA has learned its lesson and will soon return for the coming season-long FIFA World Cup timetable I hope for the best.

3. Boycott Calls

It appears to me that this World Cup is too big to be a reason for a boycott

Because many FIFA officials view that this World Cup as a mistake and therefore, it’s no surprise that calls for boycotts are coming from all over the world. While the event is supposed to help Qatar but it has only experienced an adverse impact over the past ten years. The paradox is that the world is looking into what’s going on in the country, resulting in the government pay an enormous amount of money and effort to improve its image. While no country would ever boycott the competition however, the damage has already been done.

The calls for protests and boycotts are likely to continue in the World Cup, as they will be backed by powerful human rights organizations. Although FIFA and the host nation will likely overlook it, it could impact their revenues. However, on the bright side, Qatar has been making improvements in recent times and, even the fact that they are doing it because they’re forced to to do so, it’s still a great indication.

2. Contemporary Slavery along with LGBT Rights

Many Construction workers have died in Qatar

In order to construct infrastructure to host to host the World Cup, Qatar had to employ a large number of foreign laborers. They earn dreadful payment and are forced stay in labor camps. In addition, their basic rights as human beings are no longer protected in that they can’t leave their job or leave the country , unless they are allowed to. This, combined with the terrible working conditions results in more than 6500 people have died in the construction process. In the average two construction workers are killed each day, mostly from hot and hazardous working conditions. The Qatar government has made no effort to make changes and is trying to cover up all the deaths.

In addition, Qatar is still showing an extreme hostility towards those in the LGBT community, given that homosexuality is a crime which could result in lengthy prison sentences. But, under pressure they promised greater tolerance including rainbow flags at the stadiums. But, nobody knows whether LGBT fans will be secure in the streets. There’s no doubt that a lot of people will think that travelling to a country in which they’re not welcome isn’t the ideal method to spend the winter holidays.

1. Qatar might have purchased the Right to Host the World Cup

Platini was detained however, nothing was made from it. At a minimum in public.

We have listed a number of arguments against the current World Cup, many of which were quite obvious before the vote. Additionally, as FIFA examines every single potential candidate nation, they are aware of more than we do. This raises the question: why was Qatar chosen? It is true that there are numerous allegations of corruption and bribery which led the right people to choose Qatar. Since 2011 there have been numerous stories about this, including that involved former FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner.

In the year the year 2019, the former UEFA head Michel Platini was arrested for his alleged involvement in corrupt activities. We do not know much about the case. However, Platini is already indicted on fraud charges, which suggests that there is some truth to this tale. In the meantime the only reaction by Qatari authorities Qatari administration is to say that everybody is in awe. It seems that it is likely that the World Cup will proceed, and if ever we hear that it is true, the event will be several years later. But, nobody believes that Qatar should be able to host this World Cup rightfully.

There’s a huge possibility that awarding this World Cup to Qatar is one of the biggest errors in the history of football. Although there’s no doubt Qatar will try to cover up the mistake by wasting greater sums of money, final impression is likely to remain negative considering the things we mentioned in our top ten list. However, we do hope that the participants will bring us some unforgettable moments, and also introduce new players who can avert the sagas and tragedies. Don’t be too surprised to see some games that are controversial.