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The benefits of professional Birmingham office cleaning

Professional office cleaning is crucial to creating a healthy and positive workplace that employees can thrive in. We provide regular office maintenance throughout Birmingham with highly-rated, reliable and trustworthy cleaners available for daytime or evening cleaning.

We’ve talked to our clients who have offices to learn the reasons they take office cleaning very seriously.

The advantages of a tidy office space

Clean and healthy environments create happier employees, and healthier

There are strong connections with cleanliness that can lead to happiness and this is as crucial in the workplace like it does at home. Cleanliness is linked to lower stress levels with 60% of those saying they are less stressed when they are in a clean area.

With at the very least 1% of people who suffer from stress-related work or depression It’s crucial that workplaces reduce the chance of contributing to or worsening the symptoms.

A clean and healthy environment is vital for the physical health of employees. Regular office cleaning can help eliminate bacteria, viruses and other harmful germs out of the office, making sure that employees are less susceptible to illness often. Given the danger of coronavirus (COVID-19) The government is encouraging employers to boost their routine of cleaning, in order to minimize the risk of outbreaks and transmission among workers.

The responsibility of an employer is to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees and an ongoing routine of cleaning the office will be the very first thing in getting this done.

Clean offices boost team efficiency

Improved mental and physical wellbeing of employees can be hugely beneficial to productivity levels of employees.

Minor illnesses, like colds and coughs, are the most frequent reason for absence from work and account for 34 million missed work day in UK every year. An average adult experiences two to five colds every year, however, this amount is reduced with regular, thorough office cleaning.

Alongside increasing health-related productivity, having the clean environment simple, and more productive. In a research conducted by Clorox 72% of the respondents said they had higher productivity when in a clean and tidy environment.

The practice of keeping your office cleaning can be one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the efficiency of your office staff.

A tidy office is the basis the perfect workplace

Cleanliness in the workplace will create confidence in employees and will have an effect on their attitudes towards their work environment.

Regularly bringing in office cleaners lets your employees know that you are concerned about their health and you’re determined to create an enjoyable, healthy space. This is a great way to increase the pride of employees, and will surely be rewarded with loyalty and dedication.

This feeling of pride by employees will be evident in the quality of their work and their attitude to work and will help increase productivity and overall happiness throughout the workplace.

A tidy office is an excellent first impression!

If you host guests from outside your workplace, it’s imperative that the office is tidy and neat. If it’s investors, clients or contractors you’re hosting, you’ll need to impress your guests right from the moment they step in the front door.

Clean and tidy office is a reflection of the work you’re doing. It demonstrates that you are concerned about the environment you work in and the well-being and health of your staff. It also demonstrates a commitment and a sense of accountability which will inspire confidence in the work you’re carrying out.

Maintaining a routine office cleaning to be in place will guarantee that you’re never caught unprepared and that you’re prepared to welcome guests on the last minute.