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Microcement in the bathroom – is this a good idea?

The concrete interior is a fashion which combines contemporary design with practicality. Concrete is an excellent material to finish the bathroom. It’s beautiful visually. It’s a substance which is perfect for combining together with the other materials like copper, wood and steel, as well as ceramics. It’s a great background for planting If you are a fan of the natural vegetation in your bathroom, then a microcement bathroom is the solution that makes every bathroom entrance be awe-inspiring.

Why should you use concrete for interior finishes?

When it comes to building new homes or apartments increasingly, the attention is given to the feeling of space within the interior. There are fewer and fewer walls being built to separate the rooms. The interiors are more spacious. This helps you feel more at peace and freedom. It helps you let go of claustrophobia and cramp. Living in an area like this offers more freedom and ease. When we apply concrete to the floors or walls creates a feeling of space to the living area. Concrete creates the illusion of space and openness, it also creating a dark ambience.

What are the benefits of using microcement for finishing the bathroom?

Microcement is a blend of cements that are specialized including aggregates, polymers and aggregates. It is used in the home it is possible for finishing floors, walls and even work surfaces. This is an organic product that is extremely durable and resistant to extreme temperatures and moisture. It’s worth it in the bathroom because it is a material that doesn’t take in water.

With the help of water-proofing properties that are waterproof, we can paint floors and walls with no doubt. To make cleaning easier it is suggested to protect it with a polyurethane finish. These varnishes come in a variety of types of finishes (polished mat, satin, or polished) which means that we can customize it to suit your individual preference. Microcement may also require further impregnation in order to increase the water-resistance of microcement.

Another benefit is the absence of joints or silicones as with ceramics.

The bathroom with microcement is simple to keep clean. The finish is elegant and smooth and has no unevenness, which means there’s nowhere to gather dirt. The design of a bathroom made of concrete can be customized to suit any design. From minimalist bathrooms, industrial spaces that have simple furniture and luxurious designs that have the appearance of factory rawness. Gray cement is usually broken using fittings or add-ons made of gold.

Hanging lamps reign in concrete interiors. The white furnishings or fixtures with wood finishes are also harmonious. Wooden finishes warm grey spaces. Plants, textiles and glass chandeliers can also be effective. All it depends on is the design we feel most comfortable.