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Getting quotes from removals companies

If you don’t live in a tiny apartment or flat, it’s always recommended to hire a professional removals firm to help you move. While packing and moving your stuff may not sound that difficult, there is an art to packing delicate objects so that they are secured and don’t fall during transportation.

Removal professionals will also be aware the weight they can take on and they’ll do it in a secure manner so that you do not hurt yourself.

What is the cost to use a removals company?

Many factors can determine the price of employing a removals service. The amount of stuff being transported is an important factor but the distance and the size of the crew as well as the speed of packing will play a role in deciding the overall cost.

A reputable removals company will provide their costs and how you might be able to lower the cost. Many firms offer a discount if you source your own packing materials and also assist in packing, for example.

The table below estimates the cost of hiring a van move your home yourself (which we don’t recommend you take on if your house has over two bedrooms) hiring a removals company for different dimensions of homes and hiring an expert removals company to load your belongings for you, too.

Getting quotes from removals companies

At least three estimates from removals firms at a minimum, and preferably from firms who will visit your property rather than just making estimates by phone.

This is particularly important when there are factors such as restricted access or very tight stairways that will affect the job.

If you do get an estimate from a firm which isn’t in a position to visit your home in person, be as honest and precise as you can in listing your belongings. Also, make sure to list the contents of your loft or garage.

If you’re moving to another part of the United States It might be worth getting an estimate from an organization that is based in the location you’re moving to as prices there could be more competitive.

Ask for the estimate to be broken down in order that you know what you’ll have to pay for insurance, packing or moving, hourly rate, mileage and any storage costs. This will help you evaluate quotes more precisely. Determine if overtime fees apply and, if so at what time they will begin.

Large or heavy lorries cannot always cope with steep gradients, tight bends or uneven roads. Make sure you know if there are parking or access issues on the other side: You may have to call the police or your local council for permission to remove the load, or to suspend a parking meter.

A removals company is briefed

Once you’ve chosen the removals company you want to use It’s helpful to give them a short sheet with the following information:

any items needing special packing, such as antiques, pictures and other precious objects
objects that are difficult to move, such as pianos
wardrobes, or any other furniture that could require to be removed
any carpets and curtains that are part of your home
objects that you’re shifting your self
A floor plan for the new home to allow them to place boxes in the proper rooms for unloading.

Insurance for removals

Ask what would happen if the delay in moving means that you can’t get into the new house until later in the afternoon and the following day.

It’s also worth checking whether the Edgbaston removal company you hire has sufficient insurance protection for your possessions as well as what is the time frame on claiming on insurance after the move.

If you own valuable possessions, check whether they require special packing or in addition, whether they’ll be covered by the removal company’s insurance in the terms and conditions (some policies stipulate a maximum amount per item or box). A removal service may limit their liability for items up to a certain amount per box, but you must inform them of the value of what’s inside and this could raise your quote.

You can choose to do some of the packing yourself which can save you money But avoid packing fragile items and be aware that the removal firm’s insurance will not be able to cover items you have packed.