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A new boiler can reduce your energy costs

If you’re from the UK you’re aware that September is the month when evenings begin to get colder and weather patterns tend to start to alter in a negative direction. It’s also when many people think about changing their boiler (or having their existing boiler repaired) to get ready for the colder weather that is right close by.

We are aware that being warm and comfortable in your home during Winter is crucial. The boiler is responsible for many of it, in addition to other vital home improvement projects like loft insulation, and underfloor heating.

A faulty boiler or one that requires frequent repairs, can be a source of stress for your home even that you do not need.

We install top brands of boilers like Worcester Bosch and Baxi so that you can have that essential security of knowing the company you’re working with is a a reputable manufacturer and installer who is committed to installing boilers that are with the best quality.

We’re gas safe registered and also registered with gas safe! Learn more about our central heating and gas services.

So , why do you need to replace your boiler? We’ve provided our top ten reasons to consider replacing your boiler in Ashby de la Zouch to aid you in making the right choice before it’s too far too late!

Peace of Mind

The last thing you’ll need during a wet, cold wintery day is to return from work only to discover that your boiler is not working… Finding an emergency plumber may be costly however there is no guarantee they’ll have the right parts on hand to carry out the necessary repairs in order to bring your heating system working swiftly. It could take one several days or longer before your boiler is functional – when your home and your family will be miserable and cold.

A house that is more comfortable and warmer

A poorly functioning boiler could cause issues, such as not reaching the temperature required. Sure, it’s operating, but it may not be operating correctly. If your boiler is working at its peak and isn’t running as well, there’s a better likelihood that it will cost you more money, as well as becoming more susceptible to breaking down!

A new boiler could cut your energy bills

It’s just common sense to realize that a fully functioning modern boiler is likely perform more efficiently and effectively than an older model. Because it’s operating more efficiently, you’ll see a decrease in your energy costs as your boiler gets to the temperature you require faster, while simultaneously it is kicking in faster and running less trying to keep the temperature.

You can save even more money through locking-in your electricity costs prior to price increases!

Many of the largest energy companies have announced additional price increases recently. The inefficiency of the boiler you have installed will mean your bill already high due to the boiler, will rise once more!

Modern boilers are quieter

Older boilers were known for their loudness, particularly in open areas. In modern homes where open living is more prevalent and space could be limited and space is limited, the most important thing to avoid to have a noisy boiler disrupting your precious time in the home with your family!

The modern boiler is smaller.

Related to the above point the fact that modern boilers “footprint” are generally less pronounced than their older counterparts. They can be tucked away in smaller, less secluded spaces and are great for fitting in lofts. Flats and smaller homes require to make the most space possible. A modern boiler can go a long way in helping with that.

A new boiler will help reduce the environmental impact of your home.

Each boiler makes use of some kind of energy to produce that hot and warm water for your home. A more efficient boiler uses less energy and can reduce the impact you have on the planet – which is beneficial for the environment!

Modern boilers will increase the value of your home, making it more appealing to prospective buyers

If you’re considering selling your home within the next few years it is worth adding an energy-efficient boiler to your home could result in your house being assessed differently on efficiency bands and will add real worth to your home. The majority of homeowners aren’t looking forward to having to repair boilers or central heating equipment when planning to relocate!

The modern boiler can be operated via a remote

Modern boilers can be controlled remotely, whether via a smart home device (such like Nest and Hive) and also via your smartphone when you’re on the move. If you’re on the way to home and you’re feeling miserable and cold then you can schedule your heater to start so that it’s warm and comfortable upon arrival!

Improvements in temperature control

Older boilers are more expensive as they struggle to keep an uniform temperature. Smart heaters that work with thermostat-controlled radiators are able to quickly and efficiently return the temperature of the radiator to the temperature required which means less time use , which in turn means less energy is used, and less expense.