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What is ceramic coating?

Whether you just bought an all-new car off the lot or enjoy keeping the beauty of an older car in top shape it is possible that you should look into a better and more efficient method to keep the paint of your car shining for decades to come.

While car wax is widely used by car owners to enhance the overall appearance of their vehicles however, it doesn’t provide any protection for the paint. A majority of cars have clear coats to assist maintain the appearance of the paint. It does not protect against any damage caused by the elements of the outside environment for instance, UV rays from the sun and acid rain or bird droppings.

If you’re looking for ways to protect the car’s surfaces think about investing in a ceramic coating product. Our team consists of experts in the field of painting protection film and ceramic coatings for automobiles and we’re eager to talk about all your choices for nano ceramic coating as well as the many benefits it will provide.

What are Ceramic Coatings for Your Car’s Paint?

For starters, let us define ceramic coating and what it can do for the paint of your car. If you put on a ceramic coating to your vehicle it’s applying the nanoscopic treatment (typically made of silicon dioxide or titanium dioxide) which is applied as liquid and hardens to form a layer.

The spray coating chemicals bond to the paint, resulting in the property of hydrophobic, which is highly beneficial to protect your vehicle in all aspects. Nano ceramic coatings have several advantages over other coatings or simply relying on the clear coat that is provided by the manufacturer for your vehicle’s paint.

Top 5 Benefits of Ceramic Coatings to Protect Your Car’s Paint Job

The most commonly asked questions concerns the benefits of purchasing a ceramic coating for your vehicle. We understand that this, just like coatings for paint, are a substantial investment, and our technicians are delighted to go over the advantages of using a ceramic coating:

1. Protection from UV Rays

The harmful UV rays from the sun are certain to have an adverse impact on your vehicle’s painted surfaces. Because the car is constantly exposed to these rays (unless it is in a garage) The paint needs to be protected from the damaging negative effects. When a car is exposed to sun this can lead to fading peeling, oxidation and discoloration and a professionally applied ceramic coating can provide the exact paint protection you require to avoid these devastating occurrences.

2. Resistance to Corrosion

The various substances that your vehicle is exposed to could cause corrosion if the paint’s not adequately protected by the coating of ceramic as well as a paint protector film. Corrosion is nearly impossible to fix and is not possible to repair without replacing the panel entirely or repainting the vehicle. It would mean that you’ll need to forego any value that was in the original paint, lowering its value overall. You can apply a coating of ceramic that acts as the sacrifice layer.

3. A simpler cleaning of the car’s Surface

Because of the coating’s hydrophobic characteristics it will allow you to keep your car clean for longertime, especially in relation to tree sap and swirl marks caused by a car wash that is industrial. Also, you will not require washing your car as frequently as you would without the ceramic coating. However, you must wash it weekly to ensure the coating stays in good working order.

4. Cost Effectiveness

You will have to invest once in the car’s ceramic coating Lincoln however, it’s cheaper over regular color correction services or, more importantly, replacing a panel on the vehicle. You’ll be able to travel through Sioux Falls, South Dakota, without worrying about rock chips or other road debris or road grime that can damage the paint on your car.

5. Maintenance Clear Coat and Aesthetics Attractive

Everyone wants to look nice in their vehicle And the ceramic coating can help you keep your investment looking attractive. If you purchase a vehicle for its aesthetics and style, it is essential to ensure it’s properly maintained.

What if I could just buy an homemade ceramic Coating Kit, instead of investing in the pros?

Although DIY (Do It Yourself) ceramic coatings are readily available, we are not recommending using them. Nano-coating is a process that requires professional skills and training that you won’t be able to acquire by watching a how-to video or reading the instructions included with the kit.

If you decide to make use of the DIY kit, it’s crucial to know the consequences of poor coating application. You’ll be unable to reap any of the benefits of the coating and it may cause damage to your car. If you’re not sure, trust one of your most valuable investment (your vehicle) to professionals, such as Phantom Detailing’s highly skilled and trained technicians.

Contact Us Ceramic Coating Experts

You should consider investing in a ceramic coating or paint protection film if you need to shield your vehicle and its hard surfaces from various harsh elements of the outdoors. Since paint for cars is not as robust and durable as it was, auto enthusiasts should benefit from the many advantages of these protective products.

Contact us today to get more information about our ceramic coating services or to book an appointment with our expert and knowledgeable technicians. We’ll be happy to discuss all your options with you and offer the best suggestions for your car according to your usual driving habits.