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Shopping For A VW Campervan

If you’re new to VW campervans, this article to purchasing a new VW campervan is for you.

We walk us through our steps that we followed to purchase the VW campervan that includes how to find the right conversion business as well as the type of bed and roof you should consider, and all other things you should think about (especially in the case of a campervan with your kids) to ensure you get the ideal VW campervan for your needs.

Also, you might discover these books on van living useful. Some are designed to inspire travel while others focus on the practical aspects of owning a van making a van livable and in the van.

Are you looking for a VW Campervan right for you?

My first experience with the van was of playing with my grandparents’ conversion Ford Transit as a child of seven (when they were living in their country home). They drove across Europe for several months in the 1980s before coming back with amazing stories.

Perhaps it was because of my grandparents and their adventures that I developed my own enthusiasm for traveling however, as much as I was enthralled by the idea of traveling with a house on wheels I’d never made the plunge into life in a van.

Due to the recent changes in travel and tourism and travel, the thought of owning our own Volkswagen campervan became our dream. We started researching. While I was imagining pictures of old VW campervans driving on winding roadways, we eventually decided to opt for the practical, reliable and durable VW campervan transporter. And we are thrilled!

We are enthralled by the freedom it offers us and have explored parts of the country we’d not considered before.

In case you’ve not yet decided regarding the type of VW campervan you’re looking for Here are two reasons this VW T6 campervan an excellent option.

This (short wheelbase) VW Campervan is small enough to function as a normal car, so you are able to leave the campsite and drive to towns and villages for a trip.
VW Transporters T6 are fantastic vehicles to convert because they have value.
The VW transporter T6’s reliability is something that is worth looking into.

Do you prefer an old or new campervan?

This isn’t a comprehensive guide to buying an old campervan. There are numerous articles that can provide you with all the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a used van. This is to offer you some direction in case you’ve already made your mind to purchase a brand New VW T6 CamperVan.

It is obvious that buying a brand newly built VW Camper Van is easier than purchasing a used campervan. Is it? If you are considering a campervan conversion, you can have the security of knowing that includes all sorts of warranties for converters and manufacturers However, you’re confronted with a completely different problem. Choice.

If you choose the best campervan converter, you’ll be able to choose between beds, interiors, and seats. It’s an interesting issue to face in the event that you are aware of what you would like. However, what if you’re not sure of the distinction between different types of beds, or whether you should have the option of a double front or one?

While many of these issues are purely individual preferences but there are some more practical aspects to take into consideration.

Finding the best VW Campervan conversion company

It is possible to purchase an VW California (the first factory constructed VW campervan) directly from Volkswagen, however you’ll have to pay a higher price for it. You’ll get more price for your budget if you locate the best campervan conversion service. With the number of companies there that offer van conversions how do you pick the best one?

The first step is looking up ‘VW Camper van dealerships near me’. Additionally, check out the Autotrader Campervan VW section to find VW Campervans that are available in your region. It’s best to locate one that is close to your home as you will not buy a new van the first time you visit. It is possible that you will need to make modifications to your vehicle in the future . This will be more expensive when you need to travel across the nation.
Check out what other users have to say regarding these conversions in the T6 Forum.
Pick a few to compare the quality of work. A majority of conversion kits will use common conversion kits for kitchen and storage area of the campervan It’s all about the look (and the bed as well as the roof, see below).
Choose the budget you want to stick with, however be ready to be flexible in the event that you come across something that you want to buy. If you go to a place, follow your instincts. You’ll be able to determine if the conversion of campervans is more than a mere business.
Test before buying. Some conversion companies offer an VW campervan available for hire. It’s certainly worthwhile to hire a campervan in order to determine if it is suitable for you , and will give you a clearer idea about what you need and don’t like about the campervan.

How big of a VW campervan should you prefer?

When it comes to the size the two options are available. You can select between the short wheelbase (LWB) or a short wheelbase (SWB).

When we first began in our journey, we believed that having a longer wheel base means more space in the van. This, for four kids is a good thing. This is certainly a plus for some, but with it comes some disadvantages.

If you’re trying decide between the long wheelbase van or short wheelbase vans for your needs, here are a few pros and cons for each model:

Short wheelbase

it is much easier to navigate the narrow streets of rural areas and villages
it is easier to locate parking (you can squeeze the SWB into the parking space of a regular one)
more efficient turning circle
less expensive than an LWB

Long wheelbase

extra space to accommodate a larger kitchen or more storage space in the campervan (about 30 centimeters more in length as well as width)
more relaxed ride when you’re tackling bumps in the road however, our son, who was afflicted with terrible travel sickness for the majority of his life, performed perfectly during our journey of 4000 km across France on our SWB.

Which is the better choice? It’s personal preference however, for the cost differences and the little bit of additional space and mobility We believe that the SWB is the better choice for us.

The right fittings to choose for your campervan

If you’re looking to buy an all-inclusive campervan there are some items that are considered to be essentials. When we say essentials, we mean beds and pop top roofs. You must determine which the brand of conversion service is used for each of these since there are many brands that are not identical.

To a certain extent it is possible to be restricted by what the campervan conversion business offers (and can fit). Certain companies won’t give you the option so it’s best to locate an adapter that will fit various types of campervans and gives you the option.

This is a short overview of the essential campervan accessories.

Campervan bed

One of the most crucial aspects to think about when purchasing your campervan is its bed. If your bed isn’t comfortable it could sour the overall experience in the campervan. There are three major bed styles to choose from:

Premium VW campervan bed

The SMARTBed SMARTbed evolution is the latest model of bed with rails. By putting the bed on rails it will be possible to pull the passenger seats further forward, closer to those in the front. The children will be closer to you, and there’ll plenty of storage space in the back instead of putting things in the middle.

Mid-range VW campervan bed

RIB crash-tested beds Different levers let you turn the seats into an upright position so that you sleep on the bottom of your seats. This helps keep the bed tidy which is significant for us, considering how filthy the kids get with their food on the road! They also have seats designed with a headrest that can be moved which makes the seats more comfy.

Do you need Isofix? If so, you’ll have to take a look at your RIB bed. Be aware it is higher that regular seats in a car and, if you’re using an Maxi Cosi Stage ‘zero’ Isofix base it will not be able to reach the floor.

Standard VW campervan bed

Rock and Roll – The most popular seat can be that of the Rock and Roll bed. Rock and Roll is the first name used for the campervan seat that fold flat to sleep. This choice is a lot less expensive than the other two alternatives.

Front passenger seats

Prior to getting our van, we were assuming that we’d eat in the van, and that we would require the front seat with a double swivel to allow us to sit on the dining table. However this isn’t very practical.

If you’re not using the SMARTbed which allows you to pull the rails forward in order to get closer to the seats in front and the table will be too far from a single set of seats.

You may not intend to eat inside the van when it is sunny and hot. Be sure to have an outdoor table that folds and chairs are included on your list of camping essentials.

Double front seats are less comfortable than the single seat, which is an important factor to consider if you plan to travel for long distances. The advantage of the double front seat it provides an additional seat belted in the event of a large family.

Campervan solar panel

Installing a solar panel onto your campervan is a good idea, in our opinion. It’s a green energy source, and also serves as an excellent alternative source of power the times you don’t have access to an electric connection.

Pop the top of the roof

If you type in ‘best pop roof for camping vans’ Austops will be the first result. Austops is a UK manufacturer who makes the Reimo style pop-top roof, which has an mattress that is hydraulic. You should look for an front spoiler to reduce the sound of wind. The sides can be tied up to ensure that the entire top of the car is open

Campervan fridge

Another thing to think about is the model of the refrigerator. The most efficient refrigerator is produced from Dometic (formerly Waeco). We like how it includes an icebox, and can run smoothly for three days with our battery for leisure (topped by energy generated from solar panel).
Additional accessories for campervans to think about

Campervan awnings

As cozy and lovely and cozy as the VW campervan can be an ideal choice, it’s also a good idea to add some space, either in the form of an awning or tent. The advantage of an awning that can be driven away will be that you can add it of your home and your van and is necessary when camping with kids.

It is attached via the Reimo rail and is simple to remove and stay at the campsite in case you want to reserve your spot. There are many options for awnings.

Vango offers a wide selection and is highly reviewed. Be aware that the awning with a packed down design will take up a significant amount of space. We chose to purchase an Vango Noosa Low awning because we needed an area on our front porch that we could use to shelter and cook during rain. It was also an affordable price.

If you’re looking for an air awning that has greater space we suggest an awning made by Olpro. Olpro Cocoon Breeze.

Windscreen covers

They will block out the front windshield and side windows to prevent the sun’s early morning rays streaming into. They also reflect light, so they will stop your vehicle from heating too much when you can’t locate shade.

Reimo rail

If you’re considering installing an awning for your campervan, then it is likely that you require an Reimo rail. It’s not a must however, the awning is secured that does not have the Reimo rail, you’d require straps to be thrown over the roof to secure the other side. This can cause damage, especially when you have solar panels that is mounted on your roof.

Bike rack

The T6 comes with a tailgate, in place of barn doors. This means you can put in a bike rack and leave it in the boot when it is open to close and lock the trunk. For a family of four with four bikes, we would recommend using the Volkswagen bicycle rack.

It can hold a weight that is 60 kg. You are able to open it by placing the rack in it (not with bikes on). It is important to talk to your conversion specialist about installing this, as it requires an upgrade of the tailgate struts.

Alloy wheels

There is also the wide variety of wheels made from alloy. This is only a tiny selection.

Things you should have in place prior to driving away in your van

Things you should be sure to

V5 – you’ll have to be sure that you’re not leaving without the new slip for keeper that comes with the V5; and be able to get the new V5C in 2 to 4 weeks.
Campervan insurance is available – you could either work with an agent to arrange the insurance for your VW campervan or you can arrange it yourself. We spoke to a couple of brokers and were offered quite high prices for an annual plan. It was a campervan-specific insurance policy, which included greater protection for camping equipment stored inside the campervan. We contacted our current insurance company for our car and inquired how much it would cost adding the campervan the policy. They gave one-fifth of the cost. It was based on the assumption that we’d continue to use the car we have with us and use the van to use for recreation purposes.
Habitation checks – these is carried out either by the convertor or by a third party. The certificate you receive to verify that the checks were carried out.
Safety certificate for gas – there’s no legally required (currently) to undergo gas safety checks, but it is recommended to get an annual gas safety check. The gas test forms part of the home test at the time of purchasing your campervan.
Road tax – ensure you’ve taxed your brand new vehicle with the DVLA. The dealer might cover it for the duration of the month, but make sure to make sure you check with them.