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How Can ECU Remapping Help?

Ok gearheads, this is the blog post that all of you are eagerly awaiting. After all, some of you may be annoyed by my previous post on the drawbacks of ECU remapping.

In the beginning, I’m neither an advocate of remaps or an anti-remap guy. If the opportunity comes up for me to do so, I’d prefer my vehicles undergo remapping with utmost care of course.

Thus, I am writing this article to give you a more clear picture and help you decide if you truly require this modification or not.

First things first, why remap is an option for the majority of car owners?

Motives ECU Remapping is a Must

First of all, people purchase cars not just because they want a certain brand or model for their appearance, but due to the necessity.

Yes, they buy huge pickup trucks in order to meet their demands to have more power and torque to fulfill their hauling requirements in off-road environments. Some people need more performance by speed, possibly because they do circuit races or for general enjoyment.

People are often surprised at how inefficient the car is with regards to the consumption of fuel, and consequently, they decide to ECU tuning to make their car more fuel-friendly engine.

And for those plainly stating that we just need to avoid ECU change and instead buy an exotic car is complete absurd. You should know that not all people can afford buying expensive, performance cars.

Car manufacturers make their engines more durable, environment-friendly, fuel efficient, and with enough power and torque to satisfy “majority” of users. The majority of modern cars today are equipped with turbochargers that make them even stronger and more reliable.

But , they never use the most efficient specifications for their engines to keep them solid for years or decades. The standard specifications mean that the car will not perform as efficiently as it should.

Enter ECU Remapping!

Tuning your vehicle’s ECU is a way to boost the performance of your car and a lot of car enthusiasts don’t know about this option.

Of course, you might require a professional tuner (an skilled professional within this field) to unlock your car’s full potential without increasing the chance of your engine to break down prematurely.

Letting your car’s potential fully realize can be tempting however, not all drivers would like performance enhancements, but need their car to be more efficient on fuel.

Whatever you desire for your car, it’s quite possible with ECU remapping. So here are the advantages of tuning your car.

Important Torque and Power Increase

As mentioned above Car manufacturers establish certain specifications for the performance of their engines in order to ensure longevity and reliability of their cars. If you require a moderate to significant power increase, then a simple tune can be the answer.

First of all, the increase in power after a remap result of injecting more fuel into your engine. The driver has the power to adjust how much power he needs to run the car. Remapping is a way an increase in the flow of fuel and the proper injection timing.

So an ECU reconfigure allows the driver to get more power just by pushing the pedal lightly. The more you press the pedal, the more fuel will be in the system and the more power it provide.

The disadvantage is that ignoring the throttle’s response may result to a greater consumption of fuel, though this might not be an issue as you’ve already overcome this issue simply to boost your power.

More efficient in fuel use

Okay, most cases of changing the mapping causes an undesirable increased fuel consumption, which is or is due to improper tuning or a misunderstood understanding of ECU the remap.

Speedy drivers often choose the speed of their vehicles over efficiency. So there’s no real debate here.

If you tune it properly your engine will have more power over its rev range. What exactly does this mean?

This means that a slight press of the accelerator will allow you to go at a specific speed. If you can calculate, less throttle will drive you more distance while burning less fuel, thus making your car more fuel efficient.

However, there is an exception. Making more money from a remap highly depends on your driving habits. So with good driving habits it is possible to increase the amount of mileage you’ll be able to get from one full tank of fuel. If you are a hard-core driver all the time, expect any benefits that are positive to be negated by a remapped car.

Car Tuning Based on Your Specific Needs

As we mentioned earlier, you can tune your car according to your preferences and driving requirements. If you’re looking to increase the power, speed or a better fuel efficiency Tuners can help you achieve anything you’d like from your vehicle.

This means that you are able to adjust your car’s settings to suit your requirements. You can concentrate on improving fuel efficiency, power or performance, or any other car modifications that are controlled by the ECU regulates.

Again, you have to be precise when selecting the right tuner for your car. If your vehicle is diesel or petrol, you need to specify the reasons why you want your vehicle to be remapped.

If you decide to hire a suspect tuner off the streets without a plans, you might not get what you expect from Remap. So always hire the services of an expert ECU tuner.

More Overall Performance

If you’re hoping to enjoy the best performance of your car, then changing your ECU is your top priority. Tuning your engine can provide you the most efficient overall performance, compared to other types of car upgrades (though it is possible that more upgrades are required to reach performance).

The most important thing is to tell your tuner about your preferences for driving, needs and many other things, so the tuner will come up with the best parameters to be coded into your ECU that best suits your driving preferences.

Doing so will give you the best results from a reconfigure job.


Do you need to think about tuning your vehicle? The first thing to consider is if your car is made before 2000, then your car does not have a an ECU that can be programmed. You should first determine whether your vehicle can be remapped.

You must think about who is the person who will remap your vehicle. As you’ve already noticed, I always reiterate that the tuner’s input makes an enormous difference in the final outcome of remapping. This is why choosing the top tuneer for your region is a must.