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Will My Tattoo Fade And Lose Color When It Peels?

If your tattoo begins to peel it shouldn’t fade away or change color in a significant way. The tattoos will typically begin peeling during after the initial week, which is usually within 5-7 days. However, for certain tattoos individuals, the peeling might begin sooner, for example, three days after the tattoo.

Peeling tattoos are the body’s way to regenerate old skin cells. Tattoos are basically wound, so the dead skin that it creates is replaced by the body naturally. This is why peeling takes place however, your tattoo’s color may be fading.

Why do Tattoo Colors Change?

These are the primary reasons for why peeling tattoos fade:

Ink Color
Ink Quality

The Color of the Ink

It’s true that the majority of tattoos fade with some time, color-based tattoos will bear the brunt more significantly. Colors that are brighter and lighter are more likely to fade faster than darker shades.

The colors are:

Colors that are less prone to fade are darker shades of black and red.

If you peel the vibrant colors might not be like they do in the beginning. However, this is part of healing and is not always due to the peeling.

Ink Quality

If the ink you use is poor quality, you’ll observe that your tattoo will fade more quickly and will be more noticeable. Ink that is of low quality will typically contain higher levels of chemicals and metals in it, which could be taken up by the body which can alter how the color appears on the skin.

Ink that is cheaper may not necessarily be inferior in qualityit’s the components that decide the high-quality of ink. While it might be challenging for an untrained person to gauge the quality of ink however, it’s best to always go with an established tattoo shop. They’ll be professional and utilize high-end ink.

How to Maintain Your Peeling Tattoos to Avoid the appearance of fade

If your tattoo begins peeling, as you would expect You should be sure to take care of it according to the steps the instructions of your artist. This will prevent it from beginning to lose its color significantly after the peeling process is complete.

While your tattoo might appear slightly dull and cloudy when peeling however, this is not a sign of permanent fade. After your skin has grown back with a new layer, it’ll appear shiny again, however it won’t be as glossy as it initially.

The most significant guidelines to follow are:

Follow any aftercare directions
Do not pull off loose skin
Let your tattoo breathe

Follow the Aftercare Instructions

Professional tattoo artists should offer you a set of guidelines to follow when getting a new tattoo. The routine typically includes the steps to clean your tattoo, which soaps to use , and how to dry your tattoo.

Most of the time this procedure is tailored for you based on the type of tattoo you’ve got its size, the type, and the area. Make sure you follow these instructions exactly to the letter. The most commonly used guidelines to follow could include:

How do you keep your tattoo clean and moisturized every day
What soap and what temperature of water you should make use of?
How do you dry your tattoo

Avoid pulling off loose skin and itching

When the tattoo peels off larger flakes of skin might fall off, as well. Do not pull them off, as you could take off skin that’s not yet in a state to remove. In doing so, you could inflict wounds that could cause scarring and alter the appearance of the tattoo when it’s healed.

In addition, if you scratch your tattoo, you might pull off more skin, which can leave the tattoo looking uneven. Avoid doing this. Instead, apply a moisturizer by applying a suitable cream to avoid itching however, only after washing the area.

The most effective lotion for tattoos I’ve used personally is a plant-based aftercare product known as After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Lotion. It is extremely effective throughout the healing process, not just by keeping your tattoo well hydrated , but also alleviating any itching or irritation. Utilizing it from the beginning of healing, this lotion can help speed up the healing process and help eliminate any dryness or scabbing that remains.

The itching and scratching that occurs if the tattoo isn’t healed could cause infections, and this is likely to be avoided.

Allow Your Tattoo Breathe

Do not wear tight clothing over the peeling tattoo. Clothes that are tight can cause friction between your tattoo and the skin and can cause peeling process by pulling off more skin. Your tattoo needs to breathe, and clothing that is tight will not allow for this.

It’s also not recommended to wrap your tattoo in a bandage for prolonged periods. In reality, you need to take the bandage off of your tattoo studio as quickly as you can. The artist will provide you with the timeframe that is usually within 24 hours.

In conclusion

Your tattoo shouldn’t lose its color and fade when it’s peeling. The only condition we’re putting in here is that this can only occur if you let your tattoo to heal naturally without any interference. Make sure you choose an accredited salon and expert artist to make sure this does not occur.

But remember that once you heal the tattoo, it won’t appear like it did before your last visit to the tattoo studio. However, If you take care of your new skin in a proper manner the color will keep its intensity for years to come.