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What is a Cake Smash Session?

What is a “cake smash” session, you might ask? It’s a photo shoot that takes place when the child is one year old. During the session, they are given cakes to eat or smash, or none if we’re sincere. Cake smashing sessions are an enjoyable method to mark the moment of your infant turning one. Children who are one are filled with wonder and wonder. Everything they see in their daily lives are completely new to them. There are new toys to play with and new foods to eat as well as new surroundings to explore and meet new people. This activity is a wonderful opportunity to capture that excitement as well as the joy that it brings. Cakes are usually the first thing babies see at this stage, which can be the perfect setup to capture that excitement, curiosity and joy (or displeasure).

As with all of my sessions, you’ll have the option of having the cake smash outside or inside, with a theme backdrop (more on this later). The session will be led by children. This means that we’ll go according to your child’s needs. A cake smash is all about capturing your child’s personality as well as letting the child experience this through play. Once you’ve got an understanding of what a cake smashing session really is, let’s take an look at what a smashing session looks like with me specifically.

What’s part of a cake smash photographer session?


If you decide to book an event with me, the first step is call me to discuss your ideas of the photo shoot. Have you got a concept you are thinking of? Do you have images of inspiration stored on Pinterest? Are there specific shots you’d like to acquire? We will be discussing the above questions and more. This will make sure that we’re in the same boat to be able to plan the cake smash event.

Background set-up with props, costumes, and background

Once we’ve decided on the subject and I have a complete knowledge of the vision you have, I’ll create the remaining. My studio is filled with props I’ll utilize to help make your idea come to reality. If you have props you would like to bring along, do so! I’ll have the backdrop ready for you at the time you arrive, and we will make any necessary adjustments using any other accessories or props that you bring.

It can be difficult to determine what your child will wear to the cake smashing party isn’t easy. My wardrobe for studio use is yours to use. Every outfit I own you can choose for your child’s photo session. I frequently suggest that before we have our first session of consultation, parents look through my studio’s wardrobe. This way, they will gain an understanding of their options and determine beforehand if they would like to purchase or wear their own clothes or pick one from my closet. Since it is a cake smashing event and is often messier, some families go for a diaper-only look or the diaper and accessories.


I will make the cake for your child’s cake smash. My bakery is one I utilize for all my sessions, to ensure fresh cakes for each session. In the initial consultation call that I have mentioned previously, we’ll discuss whether your child is suffering from any specific allergies. This way, we can be sure that your child’s safety during the time!

Bubble bath

After the cake smash part of the event is over, your child could end up being messy. For cleanup assistance and cleanup, the next portion of the program will be the bath. I have a tub we can place your child in to clean them up and take some great photographs of their personality while they soak in their bath. It is possible to make it an easy bubble bath, or add fruits or flowers to make it more unique.

How do you plan an event with a cake?

Schedule your cake smash session keeping naps in mind

The time for bedtime or napping must be considered when planning an event for a cake smash. The goal of these sessions are to show your child’s personality , therefore it is important to ensure that they’re well refreshed. If your child follows schedule and takes naps each throughout the day at a particular time I’ll follow that schedule. If your child isn’t following a set schedule, but seems to be most joyful at certain times during the day make sure that you set the time for the session at the time that they are most happy.

Let them be hungry

I recommend the child eats prior to when they go to a shoot to ensure that they’re not hungry and irritable, but during cake smash sessions, it is beneficial when your child is hungry. You should still feed them, of course but if they’re still hungry by the time they reach the event, they might be more inclined to dig in the cakes. If they’ve eaten an entire meal and aren’t so keen to eat more after seeing the cake.

Take their favorite snacks

If you’re worried that your child will be reluctant to dig in the cakes, keep your child’s most loved snack at hand. Puffs, cheerios, yogurt bites, crackers, etc. Whatever ” always a satisfied” snacks, they can bring them along. You can place those tiny snacks inside the icing or a part of the cake, to encourage the guests to really eat the cake.