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The Two Big Wedding Venue Questions

It’s difficult to overestimate how important it is to find the perfect wedding location. If you haven’t booked your wedding location, your wedding will be an unfinished piece of paper and it’s almost impossible to make any significant decisions regarding it. Your wedding location will decide the vibe and style of your wedding as well as the location and the cost, so it’s essential to choose wisely. When you’ve decided on your wedding venue the venue will determine the rest of the day itself from food to photography, all the way to the attire you wear.

Choosing your wedding venue is a daunting task It can be made easier when you first decide on the style of party you’re hoping to create, and the type of atmosphere you’re hoping to create – trust us when we say that it’s the only thing guests will still remember on your silver wedding anniversary!

To aid you with your wedding venue hunt, we’ve put together a list of the five most popular wedding venues available, with the pros and cons of each. Once you’ve settled on the type of wedding you want, our handy guide below will help you narrow things down!

Two Big Questions On Wedding Venues

Before you begin looking into wedding venues, schedule a sit-down chat with your spouse, in which you brainstorm concepts for the wedding day in order to (hopefully!) decide on the type of party you want to throw. We have lots of great blog posts about the initial stages of planning your wedding, as well as working out which style of wedding is right for you, but there are two primary questions you must answer before making a decision:

1. How many guests you are going to host?

Find out the approximate number of guests before you even think about making the list of venues you could consider. If you’re planning on having greater than 200 persons, for instance, your venue search will be greatly restricted by the number. Roughly speaking, for weddings with over 150 people the likelihood is that you’ll be in a hotel, an exclusive hire venue or marquee, and for weddings smaller than 50, a private location or a restaurant is the best. Unless you’re planning on getting married very soon, we recommend you decide on the number of guests you’d like to have in the ideal scenario, instead of trying to guess what restrictions from Covid-19 might be on the horizon when the big day arrives.

2. How hands-on do want to be?

If you want to minimise the stress and strain of wedding planning, then marquee rental or an exclusive hire location aren’t the best choice. A hotel wedding, where the wedding planner is in-house and is in charge of much of the work, is what you need best. If, on the other hand, you plan on overseeing every little detail yourself, an exclusive hire venue or marquee wedding could be right up your street.

Hotel Wedding Venue

The way to plan the wedding ceremony in Ireland was pretty easy You booked the local hotel and local church, and that was it! While Irish couple and their brides becoming more creative and adventurous in their choice of wedding venue, and the style of ceremony, there are still lots of reasons why a hotel might be the ideal choice.


Package Deals Hotels that host lots of weddings usually offer cost-effective packages, making budgeting a lot easier.
In-house wedding coordinator: There’s someone to organise everything that’s important to the wedding for you.
Trust: A reputable place with a good reputation means that you can be confident in your choice
Accommodation: It’s available on-site for the majority at least all, your guests
Recommendations: A majority of venues offer recommendations for reliable suppliers


There is less flexibility: You will likely be limited in your choice of decor and food, wine, etc. and you will also may not have the time to prepare the space and decorate
Packages: They can be costly and additional charges can add up
It’s the same thing. Same as before: Rooms for hotel functions can be boring, and in certain instances there is more effort required to personalize and keep it contemporary.
Certain venues demand that couples use only using specific suppliers.

Exclusive Hire Wedding Venue

A popular option for Irish brides is the private hire venue, which works really well for couples who are planning weddings that require a formal(ish) wedding with a dinner and dancing wedding, but who don’t want the luxury of a hotel.


Privacy: Since you’re the only guest You’ll experience the intimacy of a private event
Wow Factor The Wow Factor: Private venues are typically attractive and unique locations with true character
Personal touch A private venue is usually run by the owner personally, and only hosts a few weddings a year, so you’ll have a more intimate relationship with the venue and people


Small: Many private venues are really only ideal for weddings with smaller numbers inside the home inside the venue
Expense: For larger wedding ceremonies, hiring a marquee can be arranged, but usually costs extra
Planning: Private events require more coordination of suppliers so wedding planners are often needed
Restrictions: An exclusive wedding venue that you hire is else’s property , often their home, which means you won’t enjoy the complete control of the place

Wedding at Home, Marquee or Wedding

The ultimate in personalisation having your wedding celebration in a marquee in your home or in another special spot is a fantastic option, should you find the appropriate space as well as the enthusiasm to do it. Be aware that planning the wedding in a marquee is not for the faint of heart!


More Personal: Hosting a celebration at home , both you and guests be immediately at the ease
Control: You control every aspect of your life from the decor to the suppliers You could even spend all week setting up and decorating your heart’s content if you would like to.
No Restrictions: You can enjoy an open bar and party until 6am, and no one will tell you to shut down the sound (except maybe the neighbours!)
Budgeting: A wedding marquee isn’t cheap, however there’s more opportunity to save money in specific areas.


Hidden costs: Unlike a wedding hotel package, the costs for the wedding marquee aren’t straightforward, and they could surprise you
Weather: Wedding marquees these days are weatherproof, however rainy days can ruin the style and appearance of your garden wedding
Intrusion: Your private space will be spied on by suppliers for a few days prior to the wedding
Coordinating and organising: A wedding in your home is lots of tasks for you as the coordinator, and you are likely to require a day coordinator to help in the wedding planning

Wedding Venues for Weddings in Pubs or Restaurants

For couples who would prefer a less intimate and traditional wedding, a good restaurant or bar is to be considered for the reception.


The Food: Your guests will thank you for this!
Atmosphere: The mood is usually more intimate and relaxed.
The decor of a venue means that wedding decorations can be kept to an absolute minimum
The choice is greater Many restaurants are offering weddings as a service


No Accommodation Guest accommodation is not normally available on-site
Restaurants with good reviews typically have their locations in urban centers, and a country wedding might be difficult
Early Night: Late licenses can be trickier for restaurants
No Dance Floor: Dance floor space could be restricted or even not be available at all
Ceremony Venue: A separate location for the ceremony is typically required. Some establishments will provide a suitable space, but not all
A Little Sense of Occasion: It may not matter to you but if you’ve had dreams of the white wedding, then a pub will probably not be suitable.

DIY Weddings AKA Anything You Like

It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of an outdoor ceremony on the cliffs and picnic reception or a late-night party on the beach, it’s likely that you’ll probably encounter the same pros and disadvantages of having a wedding in your own home and/or an exclusive hire venue. This will require more organization and planning (and often hidden expenses) however, if you and your other half have a passion for having a unique wedding we’re certain it’ll be a success!

Another thing to bear in mind is that every wedding venue will be different. There are pubs offering packages, and hotels that function as exclusive hire venues so we’ve had the need to make numerous generalisations in this guide however we hope that our advice will guide you and your spouse to the right path.