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The Pros & Cons of a Wearable Blanket

Do you love the idea of sleeping in a onesie but would prefer something that is easier for you to wear and remove? It’s possible you’d like wearing a blanket that you can wear, plus it’s half the price as a sleeping bag with legs.

How is a Snoodie wearable blanket different from a Robe, or a Blanket?

It’s like a backwards robe, however it is an extended fit that keeps you warm. For instance, the bottom is lower than the feet, while the arms are longer, and you can pull the neck upwards to form a turtleneck.

In reality, it functions more like a blanket rather than the typical bathrobe. The added sleeves make it easy to use an laptop or read a book, and play games on video.

In addition that the super-plush sherpa is more comfortable and luxurious than a standard blanket. You can also reverse it to make the micro mink material is to the inside, should you prefer it.

I enjoy the idea of “robe blankets” for watching films or enjoying hot chocolate by the fire in the evening. But, wearing blankets are ideal to wake up to in the morning , with a the cup of coffee.

These wearables made of microfleece help keep your warm outside by an outdoor fire pit. Pour a glass of vino along with some music, and you can enjoy the night sky more.

Adult Wearable Blankets VS Informercial Snuggies:

In comparison with the As Seen on TV Snuggie This robe, which is oversized, offers extra warmth because of the dual fabric structure. (The sherpa fleece on the inside , and that micro mink fleece to the exterior.)

In actual fact the Snoodie weighs nearly twice the weight of the Snuggie. In addition the large interior pocket that is lined with fur.

The drawbacks to this Sherpa Blanket with Sleeves:

Although I really enjoy this large sleeper shirt, it comes with some drawbacks.

1. There are no legs or feet first Of all, it does not have feet or legs. So, if you’d like to take it outdoors, it won’t offer the same level of insulation as the Selk’bag. In addition, you might need socks to warm your feet.

2. No Hood Also, this blanket doesn’t have an Hood. If you’re looking to keep your neck and head warm, you might prefer a different model.