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The Hoodie Gets a Cozy-Chic Makeover: Benefits of the Blanket Hoodie Trend

It can be hard to find stylish ways to stay warm when the weather starts to get cold. The best way to stay warm from head to toe is to wear lots of big jackets, scarves, hats, and other items. But the Snoodie, the newest cool thing for cold weather, is about to change the way you stay warm in style. Find out why this cleverly designed jumper that looks like a large blanket is quickly becoming the coolest way to keep warm.

What does a Snoodie do?

First, let’s look at what the Snoodie really is. Think of your favourite jacket that is big and chunky. Imagine making that same coat much bigger than it is now. Make the hem as long as a blanket. Make the cut wider so you have room to tuck in layers. Make the hood bigger to cover your face and head. It should be made of a very soft knit or wool. How do you do? The ideal blanket that you can wear is called the Snoodie.

There are a lot of different kinds of snoodies this winter, from soft knits in plain colours to flannels with buffalo check and sherpas. Some have useful bag pockets on the front to make them even cosier. Styles vary, but all snoodies have a blanket-style cut that is too big on the body and a hood that is plenty big. As soon as you put one on, you’ll feel like you’re in your own personal heat bubble.

The Fit Like a Blanket

What is it about the snoodie’s shape that makes it so special? The key is to have measurements that are too big. It is cut very big and long on a snoodie so that you can completely hide inside it. There is a lot of room to wrap yourself inside or cinch it in tight because of the loose fit. The extra-long sleeves can be pulled over your hands, and the hem can be pulled down to your knees or feet. You can move around freely and feel comfortable.

This ultra-roomy shape also makes it easy to layer. For extra warmth, wear the snoodie over long pants, jackets or even blankets. The extra-large scale keeps things from being too tight or too big. Plus, you’ll stay warm without having to wear clothes that are too tight. The snoodie’s open blanket fit is the best way to chase the chill.

The Benefits of Hoods

Let’s talk about hoods now. Ordinary hoodies are a relaxed way to cover your head, but the snoodie’s hood makes it even cosier. Imagine a long, extra-large hood that wraps around your whole head and face. You can hide in a warm room by pulling the tunnel-shaped hood over your head and tightening the strap.

Even cooler, some really cool snoodie hoods have masks made right into the inside. Turn the mask up over your mouth and nose, leaving the hood up above. You are not only protected from the cold, but you can also stay warm while running important tasks. This is the best two-in-one cold weather gear ever!

Wrapped up in Length

The longer skirt length is another thing that makes snoodies stand out. Normal hoods end at the hips or waist. But the snoodie goes even further. Depending on your height, the hems of this style reach to the knees, calves, or even the feet. For a cover from head to toe, you can wrap that extra length around your legs and feet. Because the length is longer, there is more fabric to wrap yourself in.

Pull the end of your snoodie all the way over your feet and legs to make a blanket cocoon for cold nights on the couch. If you need to move around, briefly bunch or knot the hem fabric up towards the waist. Because they are adjustable, snoodies are great for both busy cold days and lazy days at home. This is something that no other hoodie lets you do.

The Cosiest Clothes

The sensual fabrics are what really set the snoodie apart from regular hoodies. Many of them are made from soft fabrics that feel great to touch, like fleece, marled knits, and plush sherpa. These textures are great against bare skin and do a great job of keeping body heat in. Today’s snoodies come in a wide range of textures, from fuzzy teddy bear fabric to smoother thermal sweaters.

Because they are so soft, snoodies are great for relaxing in. Nothing makes you feel better after a long day than putting one on. And because insulated fabrics keep your body heat in, the feeling of cosiness goes beyond your mind. Longer, you really stay toasty. That’s why snoodies are the best thing to wear at home when it’s cold outside.

Ability to Change for Real Life

Even though snoodies are great for lounging around inside, they can also be worn outside. Snoodies are great for running errands in the cold because they have a hat and a pouch pocket on the front. In the cold, you can walk the dog, run to the store, or just go for a walk. A snoodie will keep you warm. Even better, they’re easy to store in a bag or car because they’re small and compact.

Their idea for a wearable blanket also works well for camping trips, outdoor concerts, tailgating, and cool nights by a campfire. As a comfortable top layer, bring a snoodie that has been folded up small. It’s so big that you can share it with a partner for even more hugging! Because it can be worn in different ways, the snoodie is a good choice for more than just relaxing at home.

Finding the Right Fit

When choosing a snoodie, it’s best to look for one that’s a bit too big and loose so you can move around and layer underneath. Look for hood, body, and arm lengths that are longer so you have more fabric to wrap yourself in. Extra warmth comes from cosy features like hood masks, front pockets, and soft linings. Also, don’t forget to touch cloth samples to find a texture you like and enjoy sinking into.

There is a perfect snoodie out there for you to use as a protection blanket in cold weather because they come in so many oversized styles. If you can find the right over-the-top fit and super-soft fabric, you’ll be able to sleep through the whole winter. The simple snoodie is about to become your new holiday must-have because it looks good and works well.

Adopt the Snoodie Way of Life

The next time you wear a hoodie, you won’t see them the same way. You will no longer put on clothes that are too stiff and tight to stay warm. The brilliantly blanket-inspired shape of the snoodie makes it very soft, breathable, adjustable, and full-coverage. You can now stay really warm and look really cool at the same time.

Don’t let another winter make you feel swollen and confined. With the snoodie, your new favourite wearing blanket, you can join the movement towards over-sized comfort. It never looked or felt so good to stay warm!