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Awesome Benefits of Marquee Hire

When organising corporate events for large crowds or events for hospitality to launch new products during outdoor shows it is crucial to present the best impression.

You must ensure that your guests as well as potential clients feel welcome, at ease and amazed by the way you present your business. They’ll be looking for an excellent standard in your venue selection and the manner in which you plan your corporate event.

Corporate Marquees

Marquee rental is a fantastic option for corporate and hospitality events as a temporary structures for exhibitions. They give the professional look you need in making the right impression or awe factor for current and new clients. Due to their size marquees can present your business as a bigger company than it actually is.

The advantages of hiring a corporate marquee

The ability to design and design your corporate event in the manner you’d like instead of being restricted to a particular size or shape is essential to the popularity and effectiveness of hiring a marquee. If you are running short of room, you could add an additional marquee to the principal tent. You can even have distinct parts of your celebration with separate marquees located within the same area of land, based on the space available.

The majority of large corporate events operate exactly the same thing, opting to rent a marquee for the main event , and smaller marquees to serve as food and bar areas.

Expandability is an obvious advantage that marquees enjoy over many exhibit and corporate event centers. Most indoor venues are restricted in their capacity in terms of space or different shaped arenas simply based on the size and shape of the structure they’re within. They cannot rival the expansion capabilities of marquee rental.

Individual Corporate Events

Marquees offer the additional benefit of giving corporate event planners with a flexible interior space that can be decorated and furnished. Modern marquee designs, the internal structures for support are not required and the entire indoor space can be customized. While some other indoor venues do provide this service, marquees have the advantage of being situated on grass.

The fact that they are located on the ground it allows marquees to take huge exhibition stands that have been built in advance or heavy items such as recording and audio equipment, as well as promotional vehicles, such as caravans and cars. Even hospitality porter cabins as well as catering service vehicles are able to be integrated in your marquee. This can reduce set-up time and also costs.

With these large, custom-designed interiors, marquees make an ideal option for organizations that are planning exhibitions and corporate events that require to be unique and customized. A marquee can easily be transformed from a standard tent into an attractive space, with the help of drapes, lighting as well as stage sets and screens for multimedia.

Since marquees are large structures, their interior space can be used to set up lighting equipment and video camera scaffolds to be put up. This is ideal for corporate events that require an celebration to air via television or streamed on the internet.

Total Corporate Event Management

A lot of marquee hire companies offer a custom-designed corporate event management and planning service and also hiring marquees, for example designing corporate event decorations and furniture rentals, as well as food and bar mobile service.

Furthermore, as the web’s popularity, especially in the world of business wireless internet access as well as audio/visual equipment for presentations along with staging and stage structures, are frequently offered by marquee rental companies to enhance an event for your company.