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4 Benefits to Getting a Monthly Facial

The benefits of a facial are not just relaxing and rejuvenating to facial appearance, it can also be a great exercise for to the mind. A facial lets you concentrate on breathing and restore the confidence you have in having gorgeous skin. Facials every month help support your own home skincare routine to ensure that you have the best skin you can get.

Here are four benefits of regular facials:

1. Increase Circulation

Facials can help regenerate the skin’s cells through circulating blood flow beneath the skin. This reduces puffiness and excess fluid that is derived from the lymphatic system. A healthy circulation is essential in that it supplies nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the skin while clearing the skin of toxic substances.

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2. Deep Cleaning

While we may believe that our everyday skin cleanser get deep in our pores, these products only achieve a certain amount. A facial cleanse helps to remove the build-up of dirt and oil that your regular cleanser could not. The bacteria triggered by dirt and oil is also eliminated and leave you with healthy, glowing skin.

3. Anti-Aging

In boosting the circulation of your face, your cells’ turnover rate will help slow the process of aging. A facial massage every month boosts collagen production and builds the muscles of your face, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines, as well as improving the appearance of your skin by softer and smoother. (Collagen is produced naturally, however it starts to degrade after age 25.)

4. Relaxation

The benefits of a facial are not just relaxing for your skin, but it can also be relaxing to to the mind. The facials help you focus on breathing and restore your confidence in having gorgeous skin.

Customers often inquire when should they schedule their next facial. Ideally, it should be every 4 weeks but 5-6 weeks is good too. If you’re not able to remember the last time you’ve received a facial, now is the right time!