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AudaCity Capital Review

AudaCity Capital is an established prop trading firm located in the UK that offers trade accounts that are funded to international customers. Our review of 2022 will discuss how the fund trader program is operated, account rules along with fees, and withdrawal payments. Learn how you can get funding by AudaCity Capital.

About AudaCity Capital

AudaCity Capital Ltd was established in 2012. The company’s aim is to build long-lasting relationships with traders , by providing them with the most favorable environment for them to thrive and succeed. Investors are able to trade commodities, forex and indices across multiple exchanges through MetaTrader 4 (MT4). MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

AudaCity Capital provides services in 140+ countries, with an office located in London, UK. The company, which is funded by investors, pays out $2.8 million monthly cash payouts through its platform.

The company today is internationally recognized, receiving recognition of MarketWatch, Reuters, Bloomberg and CNBC to mention just a few.

How It Works

As a firm that trades in props, AudaCity Capital essentially lends its capital to earn profit. Its goal is to find highly skilled and committed traders with a proven track record and proven strategies that are ready for taking their trading to the highest level. Prop traders hired by the company are employed as contractors.

The Application Process

The procedure for applying to be registered as a fund trader differs between companies. AudaCity Capital uses an interview procedure instead of a standard evaluation program.

Join The Program – Use the registration form online (takes only 3 minutes). Information includes years of experience in trading and balance on your account knowledge, risk management abilities and the current strategy
Participate in an Interview – Based of your submission, the business will arrange a phone and/or face-to face interview. The topics of discussion will include your trading strategy and background
Results – After an interview with investors, they will be provided with an immediate feedback. If the interview is successful the contract as well as fees will be provided via email.
Begin Trading – Once the contract has been finalized and the payment is made the AudaCity login information will be sent out immediately , and you are able to start trading

The company is seeking investors with a minimum of the equivalent of three or six months live trading prior experience. People who are able to show consistency in profit while managing risk, and demonstrate stability while adhering to a trading strategy or program are much more likely get an active-funded profile.


This AudaCity Capital funded trader program includes fully-funded live trading accounts that have a range of account sizes between $15,000 and $480,000. These packages are created with transparency and fairness in mind, and profits are divided 50/50. The account that is funded follows an escalating plan which doubles capital for every 10 percent target reached.

The most important rules are outlined in the following paragraphs:

The withdrawal of funds can be requested after the target of 10% has been reached
Weekend Positions Subject to the approval of the Risk Management team trading on weekends may be allowed for a select group of investors
Drawdown – 10% drawdown on an absolute basis is established, and isn’t trailing profits. Investors are not responsible for losses
Significant News Events – Positions must be shut during major events like central bank talks or interest rate announcements
Risk – A starting account with a balance of $15,000 with orders being limited to an amount in 0.5 lots. The risk allowance is increased once the balance on the account has been doubled.

In real life, starting will look like this:

New AudaCity Capital investors that gain approval for the fund trader program will start with the amount of $15,000 as their funding. You can apply for the maximum amount of 0.5 lots.

To advance, you have to meet the target of 10% profit as laid out as part of the scale plan (the new balance of your account must be at least $16,500). After that the balance of your account will grow to the amount of $30,000.

The drawdown rate is 10% therefore the maximum you could lose is $1500 from the beginning balance, which means the equity you have cannot be less than $13,500.


The package comes with a one-time joining cost of PS199 and the monthly payment for platform of PS99 after that, which is similar to the BluFX lite program. The costs are similar regardless of the size of your account.

Its AudaCity Capital monthly subscription charge provides the advantages of not paying swaps or commissions. The company uses the services of a liquidity provider, which gives traders access to low spreads and quick executions.

Profits are split 50/50.

Platform and Assets

AudaCity Capital offers the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) terminal exclusively. It is available for free download and can be utilized with all the major browsers on the internet. In addition, it comes with the iOS or Android mobile application.

If making use of the terminal users can access the entire array of functions, such as customizable diagrams and charts, more than 30 indicator types, nine time frames execution with one click and real-time quotes on MarketWatch.

AudaCity does not provide an account for demo trading, however the trading terminal is able to be used to test trading at no risk.

The company is specialized in forex trading, and the only instruments offered are minor and major currency pairs. It includes EUR/GBP and GBP/USD, and USD/JPY.

Clients may ask permission to trade indices and commodities after increasing the balance of their account up to $120,000.


AudaCity Capital permits profit withdrawals each time you reach your goal of 10%.

Once you have hit your target, email [email protected] for the profits to be withdrawn and the account balance to be doubled. It will send you an email with a confirmation when this is done.

Rememberthat you’ll be responsible for taxation on local taxes according to your country of residence.


AudaCity Capital offers six account sizes for traders who are funded. The sizes vary from the initial fund amount of $15,000 up to $480,000 if you follow the scaling program.

The same features for all accounts are: drawdown is still 10 percent, monthly subscription prices remains the same, and there are no time limitations to meet profit goals and trades cannot be executed during important news occasions. The company provides leverage of 1:5 however the maximum cumulative exposure for the account of $15,000 is 0.5 (half amount).

First Stage Account

The Lot Size is 0.5
Size of Account 15,000 – $15,000
Profit Goal – 10% goal ($1,500)
Tradeable Assets – Forex Pairs

Sixth Stage Account

Lot Size 16 – 16
Account Size is $480,000.
Profit Goal 10% goal ($48,000)
Tradeable Assets Trading Assets Forex Pairs, Indices and Commodities

Additional Features

Ability Challenge

The Ability Challenge is a brand new initiative for AudaCity Capital, creating an chance for both new and experienced traders to get the opportunity to raise funds. Potential users are required to put their virtual money into the form of a simulation to reach the profit goals within a specified time. Traders can select a trading volume.

The challenge is characterized by an upfront cost that varies based on the initial amount of funding however, this amount is refunded in the event of a the challenge is successful. The fee ranges between PS149 for a account of $15,000 up to PS629 for an account worth $120,000.

Our study found that investors who complete all phases of the test are given an active trading account with a profit share of 75/25.

The requirements for the contest are as follows:

Target for profit – 10 10% profit
Time 30 days to finish
Minimum Trading Time – 7 days
Maximum Daily Drawdown 7.5% – 7.5 percent
Maximum Absolute Drawdown 15 percent

Hidden Talents Program

Innovative approach to training The unique Hidden Talents program gives you an account for trading that is funded. The program’s educational goal is to find, recruit and nurture the future generation of talent through individual instruction with competent trainers.

Training sessions may be offered on a part-time or full-time basis, but the training sessions are planned to be completed in four weeks. The content includes fundamental, technical and market analysis as well as as well as trading psychology and risk management.

Trading Therapy Course

This AudaCity Capital trading psychology course is ideal for new as well as experienced traders. It comprises 14 lessons of online video and webinars. The program follows a logical approach to help you learn how patterns and habits form, and how to change the patterns of your mind in your trading routine.

It is also available for purchase as one-time cost of PS349.


After completing our AudaCity Capital-funded trader program review, our team were pleased with the amount of educational content that is available. There are many success stories featuring integrated YouTube videos as well as a help-center zone for quick fixes , and numerous websites with guides as well as forums that cover key words, strategies and tricks.

The Pros Of AudaCity Capital

Instant account funding
There are no swap fees or commissions.
Payout for every 10% profit goal that is met
Complete educational content, as well as additional courses
The company is recognized as an industry leader and has numerous positive user reviews
Ability Challenge as well as Ability Challenge and Hidden Talents program for inexperienced investors

Cons Of AudaCity Capital

PS199 joining fee
One platform is all there (MT4)
Costs for training with certain packages.
Profit share limited vs competitors
An extensive interviewing process can discourage traders who are interested in trading
Only Forex trading is allowed until a minimum balance is reached
There are no positions or trading on the weekend are opened during major news events.


The company has been known for providing financial support and backing to traders since.

Since AudaCity Capital does not carry out financial transactions, it does not have to be approved by a regulator such as the FCA. Professionally-run training and trading services are not required to be supervised by the global authorities. But AudaCity Capital’s preferred clearingers operate under the supervision of regulated entities and are legally authorized by a financial institution.

There is a distinct method of applying for an interview compared to other companies that offer more sophisticated two-step evaluations that come from FTMO and Topstep for instance.

Be aware that you should never be risking more than you are able to lose, regardless of the sign-up prerequisites.

AudaCity Capital Verdict

AudaCity Capital could be an excellent opportunity for traders with experience who are looking to expand their investment capital as well as their expertise. The fund-based trader program offers an attractive trading environment, including no commissions for opening positions as well as a wide range of educational materials. The exclusive Ability challenge and Hidden Talents programs are also suitable for the next generation of talent. It is an important player in the prop industry and should be considered.


Are AudaCity Capital A Legit Prop Trading Firm?

Yes It is true that AudaCity Capital is a legitimate company that offers a program for traders with a funding source. It is registered with Companies House, org number 08865122, which was established in January of 2014. The CEO currently registered of the company is Abdelkrim Yousfi. Reviews from users are generally positive, and there are numerous written success tales.

Where is the AudaCity Capital Prop Trading Firm Where is it located?

AudaCity Capital has a registered headquarters located in London, UK. The company we reviewed also provides services worldwide that spans 140+ countries, including the US.

Are AudaCity Capital Really Free For Traders who are funded?

There aren’t any commissions nor swap fees when trading with AudaCity Capital. There is however an annual, one-time funded trader joining cost of PS199 and monthly platform charges of PS99.

What is AudaCity Capital?

AudaCity Capital is a forex prop trading firm that is designed for highly motivated and talented investors who have demonstrated capability and experience. The company is also introducing new technologies to attract less experienced yet aspiring investors to the program for traders who are funded.

Does AudaCity Capital Regulated?

No There is no need to worry – AudaCity Capital is not regulated. Since it does not provide the same financial services as traditional retail brokers Regulated entities are not needed. We’re satisfied in the measures to protect your personal information, the glowing customer reviews , and industry acknowledgments This makes it a safe prop trading business.