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Why You Need A Maine Coon In Your Life

Are you searching for ways to make it easier to acquire a Maine Coon cat?

The guide is inspired by personal experiences with a Maine Coon cat, as also the views of pet experts who have to say on why you should get an Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coons are stunning cats with high intelligence levels. The Maine Coon cat is twice as large as other cat breeds and is well-known for being relaxed and friendly. Maine Coon felines are very adept with children and are great around them. They also are great with other pets, including dogs. They are known for their love of humans, and even, quite surprisingly they also love water.

Are you looking for reasons to get one of the Maine Coon cat for a pet?

Learn the reason behind why the Maine Coon is a favorite cat breed among cat people who love cats.

This Maine Coon cat is a heavily boned, sweet-tempered muscular cat that was originally maintained as an outside cat. It is a big head with long ears along with an incline under its eyes.

In addition this, in addition, the Maine Coon has a broad chest and long legs, making it twice as massive as ordinary cat breeds. It is a long-haired cat breed that is native to US.

What is it that makes them special to Maine Coon cats, and are they the perfect cat for you?

Here are 20 great reasons to consider acquiring one. Maine Coon cat:

1. Mysterious Lineage

In contrast to other cat breeds that are popular, the Maine Coon’s origins and history remain mysterious. Little is known about this particular cat breed and this only serves to boost cat lovers’ interest in the breed!

Most people speculate as to the Maine Coon cat’s origins to be from Maine possibly due to the fact that it is named.

Prior to 1861, the public believed that the beautiful cat breed was mixed and bred with Norwegian forest cat, also known as Raccoons. This was an absurd theory, and even biologically impossible.

There is also a theory there is a possibility that the Maine Coon cat is a descendant of the European ship cat. But, to date the lineage of this breed of cat has been largely a matter of stories, legends and outrageous claims. Wouldn’t it be sincerely mind-stimulating to possess a mystery as the pet?.

2. The largest domesticated Cat within the World

Maine Coons Are a naturally-bred cat breed, as well as one of the largest domestic cat breeds around the world!

Maine Coon Maine Coon’s physique is medium to large. It has the chest being muscular and broad. It also has a beautifully balanced rectangular appearance.

The extra-large cats weigh anywhere between 9 and 25 pounds and measure up to 40 inches in length from the head to the tail.

It is a good thing that Maine Coon cats are exceptionally friendly and gentle which is a major element for people searching for domestic pets. In addition, their unusually large size makes them the world’s largest domesticated cat breed.

When searching for Maine Coon breeders get in touch with our experts.

3. Friendly Nature

Cats have a reputation for being independent and aloof with their attention being focused at their own pace. But this isn’t true for Maine Coon cats though, who are awed by human company and are frequently referred to as “gentle giants”.

Cat breeds generally set boundaries, and sometimes become aggressive in a bid to enforce these boundaries. These behaviors are not common among Maine Coon felines. They are instead extremely friendly to humans and rarely display undesirable characteristics of a cat.

Surprisingly, Maine Coon cats are also very friendly with other animals.

In general, the friendly Maine Coon cat avoids conflict and is considered to be one of the gentler of all cat breeds.

4. Maine Coon Personality

Despite their mysterious appearance, an Maine Coon cat is very affectionate and gentle.

Some of their Maine Coon traits include:

Love: The cat is a lover of everyone and almost everything.

The gentle: Maine Coon cats appreciate being held and adore the affection of humans.

Family Friends: They’re very child-friendly.

They are a bit mellow: These large cats have a gentle temperament.

Vitality: Maine Coon cats are extremely playful and are not destructive.

If the above factors aren’t enough of a reason to purchase a Maine Coon cat If you’re still not convinced, read on!

5. Highly Intelligent

Maine Coon cats are often described as ‘dogs of the cat world’ because of a reason.

A Maine Coon cat is a higher-intelligence breed of cat that owners are able to train to perform simple tricks at will. They are renowned for playing with balls as well as opening cupboards and doors.

The cats also learn their owner’s routines with minimal to moderate levels of effort. They do this by fervently paying attention to every move you make, whether it’s demanding or not.

Additionally an Maine Coon cat is also distinctly curious, especially of its surroundings.

Maine Coons display the traits of intelligence typical in a well-trained dog which is the reason Maine Coon cats get along well with other dogs.

Furthermore, having a clever and trainable dog could be exciting for playing games with and learning to behave around the house.

6. Vocality

Have you ever been privy to a Maine Coon talking or singing?

The majority of common cats seek your attention or ask for food by meowing. But, Maine Coon cats are different since they make delightful trills, cheeps and the chirp sound.

While they’re vocal, Maine Coons are not entirely loud.

If your Maine Coon is always meowing, chances are they’re trying communicate something to you.

Their unique “singing” sounding chirps are different from other breeds of felines and make them incredibly unique.

7. Playful Natures

Regardless of their large bodies, Maine Coon cats are still active and playful in the wild. They frequently consider the game of fetch to be a fantastic opportunity to bond and communicate with their humans.

It is vital to be able to accommodate their need for play and movement so that they do not cause unnecessary damage.

Also, staying active can help them to remain healthy. Therefore, ensure you engage your Maine Coon in a few games, including playing fetch and chasing laster pointers.

It is equally important to recognize the fact that Maine Coon cats are natural-born hunters. They require mental stimulation when you let them pounce upon their toys, or mice.

Playtime is the main goal when it comes to Maine Coons. You should be prepared for lots of interactions since they love to play.

8. Family and friendliness

One of the main advantages of owning one Maine Coon is how calm and well-behaved they behave around young children. Indeed, many cat specialists advise the Maine Coon cats thrive well in households with children.

Furthermore, Maine Coon cats are considered to be extremely tolerant and can adapt easily to kids’ needs.

They share a special family bond, and they are loyal to the families and don’t have to be constantly supervised.

As a gentle giant that is friendly to families the Maine Coon cat will help children improve their social and communication abilities. In the majority cases it is safe to be sure that your children and other pets around The Maine Coon cat.

Most importantly, they are simple to teach with respect to certain family-friendly traits as well as behaviors.

9. Good With Other Cats and Dogs

Maine Coon Maine Coon is characteristically docile and friendly with everyone around pets and felines.

Their sociable nature and relaxed disposition make them perfect for living among other cat species. They generally are a lot of fun with other pets.

Maine Coons are less likely to begin a fight. But, in terms of gender, the female tends towards being more cat-friendly as well as aloof in nature than the male of the species, which means that females need more time to get used to strangers.

In addition, Maine Coon cats are also friendly with dogs. They might be shy at first but will usually warm up to a dog that is in the same household after a few days.

Since they are rarely aggressive, these cats are the best cat breeds to keep around dogs.

10. Great Pets

Can Maine Coon cats make good pet?

The majority of cat owners tend to favor this breed of cat. It has characteristics and characteristics that are unique to cats, which makes them adorable, and certainly the best pet to have.

Are Maine Coons difficult? Amazingly, Maine Coons are very gentle, in contrast to normal cats. They’re extremely sophisticated, and they recognize boundaries and the best times should not be crossed.

Do I need to get a Maine Coon? You should get a Maine Coon if you don’t prefer the temperamental nature of ordinary feline breeds. They are less difficult and, in general, make great pets.

11. Independent

Maine Coons don’t mind doing their own things on their own however, they tend to spend most of their time around their owners.

But, don’t confuse their independence for the need to be left in peace.

Maine Coons are prone to loneliness if you don’t meet their social requirements. So if you work often away from home and are it’s likely that a Maine Coon will not fit to your life as easily.

12. They Love Water and Grooming

Most cats love hygiene and often take the necessary steps to ensure they’re always clean, with the exception of being near water. While this may be a valid concern, this Maine Coon cat has no problem being wet. They even love playing in water!

Their love of water could be due to the fact they’ve got semi-water-resistant fur.

In addition to that, the majority Maine Coons are very strong swimmers and won’t mind extra playtime whilst you bathe them. This is in contrast to their feline counterparts.

The Maine Coon coat of a cat requires constant care, which requires regular brushing to prevent their fur from becoming tangled. The coats of Maine Coons must also be combed regularly to achieve a smooth effect. Fortunately, they enjoy this process of grooming, especially when you start doing it as they grow older.

13. They rarely demand attention

Maine Coons are very quiet in your presence, with the exception for the chirping sound which they make from time to time. They do not meow constantly as other cat breeds can.

Fortunately, Maine Coons will simply curl up next to you and not beg for attention, but rather taking pleasure in your company.

Maine Coon cats aren’t super-stylish and don’t always have to be doing things with people surrounding them. Instead, they cherish their owner’s peace and happily be with them while they watch TV, and not making noises or yelling.

14. Comical

Maine Coons have different facial expressions that can be comical.

I’m not sure why, but when caught in suspect situations the cats end up looking funnier than normal cats!

The majority of these facial expressions are caused by the arrangement of the facial hair. Depending on the cat these expressions range between innocent and comical.

The most funny cat compilations available on Youtube feature Maine Coons that are trained to perform certain tricks.

Overall, you should expect to crack a few good laughs just from watching these animals make fun of themselves. They are the perfect pet companions to keep around if you are emotionally drained and would like to be cheered up or feel loved.

15. Adorable

Maine Coons are constantly serving cute appearances and gorgeous appearances, unlike any other cat.

They have adorable furry feet. With their tufts of legs and the hair on their feet, they almost appears to be the lion. This is why it is that the mane-like tuft around their neckline is also known as a ‘lion’s mane’.

16. They don’t mind leashes

Regular cat breeds aren’t keen on being leashed due to a variety of reasons.

Unlike these typical felines The Maine Coon can be trained to walk on a leash provided that owners start this training while they are still kittens. Maine Coon is still a kitten. If it is trained at a young age to be able to walk, it is likely that the Maine Coon offers little to no resistance when you lead them on a walk.

They also enjoy going on walks with their owners, regardless of whether they are walking on leashes or not. If you are able to train them with a great deal of patience and dedication, you can walk down the streets in comfort and with the Maine Coon.

17. They Can Brace Winters Effortlessly

As time passed, the cats adapted and developed specific traits to help them tackle the New England cold, such as:

Tufted Paws: Maine Coons have snowshoe-like paws.
Semi-Water Resistant Fur: This cat have semi-water-resistant fur. and snowshoe-like feet.
Lang Fur Maine Coons have long fur that covers their body, helping to keep them warm in winter.

18. They are awestruck by the way they snuggle

A major reason why pet owners get pets is to get an animal to cuddle with. But, the typical feline breeds tend to avoid close human contact.

In contrast, many Maine Coon cats love to hug their owners.

Their sociability, along with their huge body size uncommon in cats, makes this cat breed an ideal snuggle companion on the cold and lazy days.

Additionally, Maine Coons are fiercely loyal and are almost always looking to be around you. So, you can expect your efforts to cuddle up to be reciprocated and mutual once in a while.

19. Polydactyl Maine Coons

Historically, some Maine Coons were born with an extra toe gene that was dominant. These cats were called polydactyl Maine Coons.

This genetic condition was thought to be to be undesirable, but was eventually bred out of that Maine Coon feline breed.

20. Healthy Breed

Maine Coon cats are known as a tough, healthy cat breed.

They rarely need any special care. However, to ensure they stay healthy and live longer, it is essential to give them a properly balanced diet.

Additionally In addition, Maine Coons are perceived as one of the cats with the highest health. This is not the case with other breeds of cats that typically inherit health problems.