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18th October 2022 – The basic rules of online baccarat

Baccarat is the ideal casino game for players who are looking for fun, sophisticated and fast-paced with no complicated rules. Along with roulette, baccarat is possibly one of the games that is easiest to grasp which is why it’s remained popular throughout these years.

Our guide to the rules of Baccarat will provide the most important elements of the game which players should be aware of before they start. We will go over the purpose of the game, how to calculate the value of the cards, what actions player and Banker can take, and the terminology employed during a game of Baccarat.

Standard baccarat gameplay

It is first important to identify what constitutes ‘standard’ baccarat. For the purposes of this guide, we will assume that American Baccarat (or Punto Banco, as it is sometimes referred to is the standard version.

This corresponds to the stance most casino game developers take and if you come across games that are simply called ‘baccarat”, it’s likely that it’s a regular game following American baccarat/Punto Banco rules. With that to be in mind, lets start!

Baccarat is played with 6 or 8 decks of standard playing cards. The same is true for any variant of the game unless otherwise mentioned. There are a variety of varieties in บาคาร่าออนไลน์ available and most will have the same regular rules with minor variations in one or two areas.

A game of baccarat proceeds in the following order:

The player makes a bet on what the result from the contest will turn out. There are three options to bet on – a Banker win, a player win or a Tie

The dealer will shuffle the cards prior to distributing two cards to the player and two cards to the Banker, face down

The cards are turned over. If neither player has an unnatural hand (i.e. an automatic win) and each player is able to play based on the worth of their hands

Baccarat’s goal is to have a final number of 9. The player who has the hand that is closest to 9 is the winner

Table layout

If you had to play online baccarat and then play at a casino in the real world there is a good chance you’ll be able to play without difficulty in the reverse direction. But, there are a few slight differences between the felt-covered casino table for baccarat and the version played online.

At a land-based casino where there are many members of staff available to assist with the game that can hold up to 14 players around a massive green table. For mini-baccarat games, the table is half size and only one croupier is needed as there is only 7 players at one time.

The layout of the table is pretty straightforward to comprehend. Tabletops are marked by three big sections, one each for betting on the banker, player or tied outcomes. On certain tabletops, there’s also marked sections for dealers to place dealt cards into, as well as identifying them as Banker and Players, which makes it simple to identify which cards belong to the ones to be dealt.

Players place their chips on the table in the area which corresponds to the outcome that they wish to bet on, and the game will begin.

The design of the virtual Baccarat table is quite similar to the real one in that the player is presented with three different sections to place bets on. Of course, there are no additional seats available at the table since the player is the sole participant. The duties of the dealer are performed through the computer software.

Baccarat live, the experience will be even more similar to the real-life experience because there are multiple players who can play the same game and in this case, the tables is like the one that you’d find in the land-based casino, and come with a live dealer.

The basic rules of baccarat

Baccarat’s goal is easy enough to make up a hand with an average valued at 9 or at least as close to it as you can. In order to determine the card value, there are many things to remember, such as how we determine card value and what actions players may take in the course of play.

Baccarat card values

Card values in baccarat are very straightforward and easy to remember.

Cards with numbers 2-9 They have a face value i.e. 5 diamonds are worth 5 points

Face cards and 10 The face cards are worth zero points. Face cards are Jack Queen, Queen, and King

Aces: Aces count for 1 point.

Hand values are determined by the last digit in the total values. For instance, a person is dealt a five and 9. Together, these add up to 14. The final number is 4, so that is the value in the game. Baccarat is a game where the suits in the decks dealt do not matter.

Stands and draws

There are two choices that players playing baccarat can take – draw or stand. When a player opts to draw, a second card is dealt, increasing the total amount of hands up to three cards. This is also referred to as a hit, i.e. it is possible to describe it as a hit for a card.

When a player standsup, they signal that they don’t want to draw , and prefer to play on while holding the current value of their hand.

There are rules for when a participant can draw or stand and these are different for the banker or the gambler. Let’s review these rules in the next.

Hand of the player

The hand of the player decides what happens as the Banker’s actions will depend upon whether the person has drawn or stood. The rules for a game’s player’s actions are easy:

If the player has an initial total of 5 or less then they draw a second card

If the player’s score is a total of 6 or 7, they are in the position of

Banker’s hand

The player takes action first and the Banker’s options depend on which action is. If the player is standing (i.e. is holding two cards) The Banker is subject to the same initial rule like the player.

This means that if the banker’s hand is of 0-5, they draw and if they have a hand value of 6 or 7, they are.

Things get more complex if the player has drawn the third card. The good news is that, when playing baccarat the dealer will take care of all of these actions which means that the player doesn’t have to fret about it. But, it’s best to know what to expect so here’s the rules the Banker will follow should the player draw an additional card:

If Banker total is lower than 2 the Banker draws a credit card every time

If the total for Banker 3 is drawn, Banker will draw, unless the Player’s third card was an 8

If the total of Banker is 4 4, Banker draws if Player’s third card was a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7

If the Banker’s total is 5, Banker draws if Player’s three card contained 4, 5, 6 or 7

If the total of Banker is 6 or more, Banker draws if the three card contained a a 7

If the total Banker’s total equals 7, then Banker stands each time

Live baccarat rules

Once you’ve mastered the rules of traditional baccarat it is now possible to play the game in any format, including online live dealers. Although the look of the game may be slightly different, thanks because of the fact that there is a real dealer and other players, play plays the same the way it would be in an actual casino or via online software.

What is the method by which the probability of winning determined?

The winning hand is one closest to the value of 9. When the first two cards are worth a sum of 9 or 8, these are called ‘naturals which are automatically considered being the hand that won. A 4 and 5 or an 8 and a 10, are two examples of how a natural-looking hand is formed.

Sometimes, the Banker and the player hands are of equal worth and result in the formation of a tie. If the player bet on the outcome of the tie they’d win.

Baccarat bets

There are three choices a player can bet on when playing Baccarat without excluding any other bets. To simplify things we’ll stick to the basic bets while describing what each is about.

Betting on Player

If a player places bets on the player it is basically an investment on their hand over the Banker’s. If the hand of the player is more than 9 points better than the Banker’s, that is a win for the player is paid an amount of 1:1.

The house edge on a bet with a Player is 1.24%, which remains the same whether playing with six decks or eight. If you are playing with a single deck (a uncommon situation), the house edge is 1.29 percent.

Bets on Bankers

Bets on Bankers are most popular bet for players since the house edge is slightly lower than the player bet and much lower than the bet on Tie. In an 8 or 6-deck game, the edge for the house is 1.06 percent. It is 1.01 percent for a single deck game.

The Banker bet pays out 19:20, which is almost even , but it is included in the house’s 5% commission fee. This is due to the popularity of this bet among players due to its greater likelihood of happening.

Betting on Tie

The tie outcome is most unlikely, but it is appealing due to its payout ratio of 8:1. It is so rare because it is dependent on the Banker and the Player Banker hands to have the same amount.

The house edge in a Tie bet is, predictably, very high. In a 6-deck game, it’s 14.44 percent. In an 8-decker game, it’s 14.36%. In a single deck game it’s even higher , at 15.75%.

Side bets

There are a multitude of possibilities for side bets in Baccarat however it is the responsibility of the casino/game designer which they will offer, if provided. In standard baccarat, there are only three possible bets but below are a few examples of the betting options that can be offered in variant games:

Dragon Bonus Dragon Bonus: This bet is on the amount of the difference between the hand that is winning and the one that is losing. The higher the win disparity more lucrative the payout. For example, a person could be betting on a win dispersion of 8 which means that the winners and losers must not be more than 8 points apart.

Even/Odd This is a set of four side bets , based on the fact that the value for either of the two hands being played is odd or even

Big and Small It is a bet on the total number cards in play, determined by the player’s hit or stands. If there are 4 cards on the table at conclusion of the game, the Small bet will win. If there are five or six players on table by the end, the Big bet wins

Pair bet

If you make a pair bet that the player selects their own or the Banker’s hand and puts a bet on either hand being formed of two pairs that match. The player may choose to bet on an individual pair while the banker is getting the pair, or both having the pair.

The bet does not specify the value of the cards, that could be two 10s 2, two 5, two Aces, or any other value, only that the cards are dealt in pairs. Rememberthat suits don’t count in baccarat so the colors of the cards dealt don’t matter.

Generallyspeaking, casinos pay out at 11:1 on this bet which has a house edge of 10.36 percent to 11.25 percent for the 8- and 6-deck games for 8- and 6-deck games, respectively.


Baccarat has been a popular game at land-based casinos for centuries now. With modern technology bringing the game to our various screens, it will continue to draw players online too.

With just a few basic rules to remember but lack of thrilling gameplay, Baccarat is simple to master and players can rapidly improve their skills through repetition and continue to increase their understanding of strategy.