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New Fireworks For New Year

Fireworks are available with a diverse cost, which makes them a great entertainment. There is always a solution to suit any budget. Today, we’ll present the top 10 brand new fireworks available from Standard fireworks that are suitable for any budget!

Standard Fireworks has been a solid name in Bonfire Night fireworks for years. They now make beautiful selection boxes that allow you to organize your firework needs in one go.

The prices listed below were accurate as of the date they were written, but can change at any time. Visit our homepage and search for your favorite fireworks to see the current prices and offers.

Rockets needn’t cost an arm and a leg, and this latest five-rocket set from Standard Fireworks is a great illustration of that. The garden fireworks give stunning glitter effects with plenty of crackle. They’re not too loud, so are ideal for shows where you want to keep it quiet.


Carnival is an impressive 100-shot firework that fits small gardens perfectly. There are lots of crackling and whistling sounds along with some glittery missiles to add. It’s a fantastic little firework!

Electric Storm

It’s a good idea to consider this low-cost garden fireworks. It shoots 12 shots comprised of 10 beautiful red stars with silver sparkle and two gold-plated finishing elements. A fantastic little firework that you can use in conjunction with rockets, as an instance.

Paparazzi Fountain

Standard Fireworks also has a variety of special fireworks available in 2019. Paparazzi Fountain is designed to resemble an old camera, and the strobe effect fires through its flash portion of camera. It’s a fantastic firework those who are seeking something new.

Gold Rush Mines

This is a set of two amazing mines. The first fires blue and red stars, which cause them to explode. The second produces a brocade glitter to create a brocade crown. This is an excellent value for the money!

Spectrum Fountain

Low noise fireworks are perfect to use when you don’t wish to be surrounded by loud noises and other effects. Spectrum Fountain is a great example of this type of product that has fireworks that produce gorgeous effects with no noise. It’s 40 seconds of entertainment with loads of fun “jumping jellybeans”-style effects.


Ember is an amazing little cake that will last over 25 second. It is possible to enjoy 21 shots, which include golden willows and red stars. The cake comes with mixed firing patterns, which makes it appear quite interesting.


The cake’s 18 shots are almost as a stand-alone display. The effects are amazing including rising red stars, blue tips and silver glitter. The final climax of squealing tails to chrysanthemums looks amazing on the sky at night.

Emoji Fountain

Emoji Fountain is another quirky novelty firework. It has a multi-effect sparks and is incredibly vibrant. It also lasts for one minute and can be used in a small space. This is great for a fun party!


If you’ve got a little more money to spend, it is worth checking out Witchcraft. This firework that is 100 shots will give golden comet tails and multi-colour palm bursts, and a red Strobe. The show lasts for 75 seconds, so you will truly enjoy the full show.

Standard Fireworks has a lot of exciting new fireworks to use to use for displays of all kinds and celebrations!