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E-cigarettes are a really effective way to help you quit for good

Most of us are aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes these times, and with the right reasons! It causes harm to the airways in your lungs, causing irritation and causing a variety of illnesses. Smoking cigarettes in the UK is the most common cause of death that is preventable, with years of research backing the risk it poses in your overall health. With the nicotine content of 12 mg in a vape kit equivalent to one cigarette in average, while having a similar size and habits the question about which is more beneficial when it comes to smoking or vaping is frequently debated.

Anyone who smokes is advised to stop because inhaling smoking combustible tobacco can cause harmful toxins. So, the majority of current smokers would like to end their habit permanently by seeking out a better alternative. There are a variety of medical organizations in the UK that support e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative, starting from Cancer Research UK to the NHS.

Many people aren’t aware that vaping or using e-cigarettes will help you stop smoking but also do so more efficiently and safely. We’ve compiled the top ten benefits you can anticipate after making the switch!

  1. It’s far healthier for you.

There’s a lot of misinformation circulating about the health benefits of vaping with many thinking that vaping is as or even more hazardous as smoking cigarettes, which is not the case at all. Vaping is thought as being 95% more beneficial for your health than smokingcigarettes, and its efficacy as a quit aid will make it more likely that you’ll be successful in cutting down or stopping smoking, which is the most important benefit.

E-liquids are much less contaminated with substances than cigarettes and do not remain in your body as tar from the lungs when smoking. People who change to vaping quickly experience amazing health benefits, such as less blood pressure and better breathing, improved immunity as well as a more pleasant sense of smell and taste and better lung function all in about one month!

  1. Vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

Estimates suggest the consumption of 20 cigarettes per every day costs approximately 3000 dollars per year. A typical smoker from the UK consumes 10 cigarettes every day, according to the most current statistics and, based on that, we can calculate that an average person pays about £1500 per year on cigarettes. It will, naturally differ for each person based on the kind that you use, the location you purchase your cigarettes and many other factors play into it as well. But this is an excellent estimation for the typical smoker. It’s important to note that vaping is more expensive initial costs than smoking – you’ll need to purchase your vape and the accessories before beginning however, on an ongoing basis, vaping is significantly less expensive than smoking cigarettes.

For a basic device for beginners We estimate that you will pay around £30 for the initial purchase, and any additional accessories such as replacement coils and batteries are around £90 each year. Once you’ve got your large purchase completed it is a significant reduction in the cost of ongoing expenses as compared to smoking. E-liquids are available for sale at any price starting from £1 per 10ml up to greater than £10-15 per 10ml. For a high quality, affordable e-liquid you’ll need to shell out approximately £7 each 10ml. A typical vaper consumes around 10ml of liquid per week, which equates to just £364 over the course of a year. Even if you’re a massive vaper who consumes twice the amount of e-liquid each week, you’re cutting your annual expenses by more than half when compared to smokingcigarettes!

  1. E-cigarettes can be a very effective method to help you to quit for long-term

Like we’ve said the effectiveness of e-cigarettes is astounding in helping smokers to cut down or completely quit smoking. Nearly half of all people who smoke in the UK declared the desire to stop and the most popular reason for using e-cigarettes was to aid in reducing or quitting smoking tobacco, as per the most recent information from the ONS regarding tobacco use in UK. Studies have also shown that vaping is twice more effective than the traditional methods of replacing nicotine (NRTs) This includes things such as patches, nicotine gum or nicotine pouches inhalers, and other “traditional” methods of quitting. One study, conducted in collaboration with the NHS stop smoking program discovered that in the smokers who were who were trying to quit smoking cigarettes, 18% of electronic cigarette users had quit smoking tobacco within a year, while only 9.9 percent from the traditional NRT users.

There are a variety of reasons why vaping is effective in helping smokers quit and the nicotine rush is only one aspect of the whole experience. Vaping is extremely effective in aiding you in quitting because it maintains many of the habits and cravings that you develop without even realizing it that you’ve been smoking cigarettes in a way that causes lesser risk to yourself. A lot of smokers struggle to find an activity to fill their time when they’ve given up smoking. Vaping can give the user a way to do just that!

The physical process of inhaling and exhaling vapour or smoke could be something you don’t get using gum, patches, or lozenges, for instance. Smoking nicotine can be difficult for many to quit due to its capacity to suppress appetite, making people less hungry. It is a difficult decision to stop and turn into food – and adding weight to satisfy that craving is a challenge that many attempt to avoid. With vaping, however there is a viable alternative that isn’t cutting down on fat or acting as a weight loss method. Its efficacy lies in keeping the smoking habit initially and not having to go cold turkey to stop smoking cigarettes. In addition, for most smokers, smoking is a social act which is often overlooked in their efforts to quit. Vaping lets you continue your smoking experience with friends without sustaining a risky habit.

  1. Vapour from second-hand smoke isn’t as harmful as second-hand smoke.

Since the beginning of time the effect of second-hand smoke has been studied and the results prove that smoking cigarettes is and will continue to be extremely harmful to not just the smokers and their loved ones too. Smoke that is released from tobacco products is a mixture of many 5,000 chemicals, and more than 70 carcinogens (cancer-causing components). Second-hand smoke can be dangerous because it is inhaled by anyone in addition to the smoker. Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of smoking secondhand could lead to:

The risk of respiratory infections is increased such as pneumonia and bronchitis
An increased risk of the throat, ear and nose infections
Greater risk of having serious asthma attack and severe attacks
Risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (also known as SIDS or cot death)

Smoking second-hand cigarettes in adults increases the risk of developing heart disease as well as strokes and lung cancer in addition to other ailments.

Vaping is, however is proven to not pose the same dangers as inhaling second-hand smoke. As with all vaping isn’t without risk, and there’s a lot to be learned however, all evidence indicates that the adverse consequences of second-hand smoke are minimal, since the vapour is quickly evaporated which makes them safer for the people around you while you smoke. Some medical professionals suggest that you stay clear of smoking near children or pregnant women, but to ensure you are on the safe side.

  1. Vapour doesn’t linger like cigarette smoke

Studies have proven that the vapour inhaled by users of electronic cigarettes breaks into pieces in a matter of seconds, without damaging the quality of air even in rooms that are not well ventilated. Smoke from cigarettes, on the other hand, can stay throughout the day for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, it increases the adverse effects of passive smoking it also allows smoke from cigarettes to soak into furnishings and other fabrics within rooms, which is the reason many smokers discover their curtains, walls as well as furniture and clothing stained or smelling like cigarettes after a short time. Since vapour is able to disappear so quickly after exhaling it’s not a problem for people who use vapour. With it being sweet, fruity and a pleasant e-liquid smell that is lingering, it’s better in the air for you and other people around you.

  1. There are a lot more vape flavors than tobacco

The ban on tobacco products with flavours in the EU in May 2020, there are more options available to users, and there’s practically unlimited flavours of e-liquids available and making the experience more enjoyable for both the vaper and their friends!

This means that there are not only delicious tobacco flavors with a rich aroma and the often-forgotten menthol choice for many smokers , but a myriad of diverse e-liquid options of fruit and dessert range. From cheesecakes to refreshing tropical flavors the vapers have plenty of choices and are less likely to come across vapers’ tongue if they keep to change their flavours frequently.

  1. Vapes can be used in certain locations where you aren’t allowed to smoke

There are no plans to ban smoking indoors all, like it was done by smoking cigarettes. However, a number of private companies mix vaping e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes and, based on the laws in place where you live, you might or might not have to leave your house to smoke.

Public spaces that are enclosed within Scotland since 2006 and England, Northern Ireland and Wales since 2007 have been banned from smoking cigarettes, which is why that vaping is a great option as you can enjoy your nicotine fix at multiple places that aren’t allowed to smoke. Be sure to inquire before hitting the button to fire or auto-inhale to avoid causing offence!

  1. E-cigarettes aren’t a source of harmful chemicals when exhaled.

Since there are smaller quantities of the main ingredients that you will find that you can find in your vape as compared to smoking a tobacco-based cigarette There are also lesser substances in the vapour exhaled! Most e-liquids have four primary ingredients: the base of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable Glycerin) base as well as nicotine and flavourings for vape and flavourings, all of which are classified as suitable for consumption. Tobacco cigarettes, on contrary, contain more than 5000 chemical compounds when smoking is released. Vaping is safer since you are aware of what’s within the e-liquid, in comparison to cigarettes. Although it’s not 100% safe, vaping e-cigarettes are less risky than smoking cigarettes.

  1. Smoke and vape simultaneously

Another reason that vaping is the perfect quit aid, and one of the reasons why it is so well-known is the fact that you don’t have to give up smoking abruptly! A lot of vapers use a mix strategy, using vaping to cut down on in their work hours or while commuting for instance, but they still smoke at home or reverse. In time you will begin to cut down on your smoking throughout the day and eventually switch to full-time vaping! This gives you the flexibility to have the opportunity to make a transition that allows you to make your way to becoming smoke-free according to your pace increasing your chances to be successful.

  1. It is much easier for vapers to cut back on in the long run.

A majority of e-liquids offer you a variety of different strengths to help you manage your nicotine consumption frequently. This means that you are able to slowly reduce your nicotine consumption to a level that is suitable for you, which is not often the case when smoking cigarettes made from tobacco. If you can reduce your preferred nicotine level down little by little and you will be able to more easily satisfy your cravings , and then begin to cut down on your consumption overall or even using a zero mg nicotine kit until you’re completely free of smoking and don’t have to breathe in either!