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The benefits of driving electric with the green car scheme

The most recent IPCC report noted that ‘human activities are altering the climate in extraordinary and sometimes irreparable ways.’

While the importance of taking care for the planet has been long recognized, the growing need for action is alarming. Everyone has to take action for the most sustainable future.

There is plenty to do both at home and at work. A growing trend is to own and drive alternatively electric and hybrid vehicle. In the year 2000 the UK government announced plans to prohibit the sale of brand new diesel and petrol cars in 2030.

In this article, we’ll examine the benefits that could be gained from more people using electric or hybrid vehicles. Additionally, there are benefits to your business and your employees.

We’ll also discuss the green car scheme that could assist in achieving these benefits more easily for everyone of us!

Electric vehicles offer many advantages.

One of the major advantages of owning an electric vehicle is that they produce zero carbon emissions compared to diesel and petrol. Because of renewable fuel options like solar, wind or even hydro, electric vehicles are also environmentally friendly!

Benefits and benefits for employees

While the environmental benefits are fantastic, the benefits don’t stop there. Your employees could benefit from electric vehicles as well as the fact that it’s now easier than ever.

As electric vehicles have become more and more sought-after with the general population Charging points are beginning to be set up across the country at petrol stations as well as parking spaces for cars in public places.

Home charging systems are being sold at a reasonable price which makes electric vehicles easier to charge than to fill your car up with gas. Like we said renewable energy sources can also offer you a range of options for charging.

In the same way that being safe when driving from one spot to another is essential but having fun on the road is also essential. There is a belief that electric cars provide more enjoyable driving than gas-powered automobiles. They’re more quiet, easier to drive, and feature low center of gravity, which allows for better handling.

Electric vehicles go through similar safety checks as petrol and diesel cars , and generally get better crash test scores than gas-powered cars. They also have a lower chance to cause fire or catch fire than gas vehicles since they don’t make use of inflammable materials.

One of the issues electric car owners had previously was the lack of range. In the present, “range anxiety” is decreasing due to the advancement of battery technology , and the number of electric vehicles available each year.

Electric cars are also known to be less maintenance due to the fact that there are fewer moving parts and the absence of the need for frequent filter and oil replacements.

The Car Scheme

We’ve now gone over the advantages of being more green as a business and we’re here to provide you an excellent method to go about implementing it.

A lot of companies offer an Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme as part of a variety of benefits offered to employees. This article will discuss the advantages of the scheme for both you and your employees providing you with a comprehensive overview of the environmental as well as additional benefits you can enjoy for yourself along with your colleagues.

Benefits and benefits for employees

The most significant benefit of this program is its flexibility it gives employees.

A discounted new car delivered right directly to their doorsteps means employees are able to continue their work and have their vehicle delivered at an hour that is convenient.

Other named drivers and younger drivers may be added to their plans to make it more efficient for the family and for them. This may be beneficial for the environment too, in the event that they decide to go for hybrid or electric vehicles and the whole family could lower their carbon emissions.

Another benefit for employees as well as environmental protection is the help in maintaining the vehicle that is included in the plan. Repairs, servicing, maintenance and tyres European breakdown coverage as well as vehicle tax and complete insurance (including commercial usage) include all of this,. This means that any issue in the vehicle that might create emissions can be resolved quickly.

In the end having the scheme details and ordering system built into a single platform allows employees to quickly browse through their choices.

Employers can benefit from benefits

After we’ve talked about the benefits of employees and we’ll discuss the benefits you can enjoy as an employer and for the business.

As employees have to sacrifice a tiny portion of their salary the company pays the national tax at a lower rate.

The addition of a green fleet could assist in increasing your efforts to reduce carbon footprint, as well as other modifications like reusable cups that are available in kitchen areas and consuming less energy.

Since a lot of your employees drive to work, the acceptance of the program will likely to be very high. Employees who know that you are trying to make life simpler for them and to be eco-friendly will boost their enthusiasm and satisfaction working for your business. This is likely to improve or keep the overall retention of your employees.

In the end, since maintenance and breakdown coverage for the car are covered by the plan employees will require less time off to attend to vehicle problems and trips to fix them.

We hope that this article given you a better understanding about the benefits of a car scheme for your business as well as the environment.